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It is All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) to always produce the face to the epistatic by "Finding employment request ranking" intended for the university student.
However, the strike has been repeated for these several years as the subsidiary goes on strike twice in 2009.
It happens in "JAL if it is said that it will go on strike" at the beginning of the 90's what on earth of the ANA progress has happened though cause Tomoi cracked?

- ANA group "Times second" : during 96 year.

The trade union of four ANA group companies rushes into the strike of 24 hours as ..answer of the management by the spring labor offensive.. dissatisfaction on March 18, 2009. 137 domestic flight flights were canceled, and the influence went out to the foot of about 9500 people. The negotiation is not settled afterwards, and the strike is carried out again on April 15 after only one month. 149 flights were canceled, and the influence went out to about 7000 people.

It seems to be able to call doing the strike twice or more a year in the ANA group the situation of the exception after the union of the main body of ANA goes in 96 after an interval of 13 years according to ANA Office of Public Relations.

Trade union of four companies of "Air Nippon (ANK)", "Eyre Central", and "Air Nippon network" and "Eyre Next" ..of doing this strike... All Pilot (about 600 people) other than the executive job are going on strike in these four unions at the very sight of the acquisition of membership Shite descending and these five years in 06 April, March and 07 years of year, and 115 flights and each 136 flights is canceled.

On the other hand, the influence of the cancellation has not come to reach like ANA on a nationwide scale though the union of Japan Eyre commuter (JAC) and Japanese trans- Ocean Airlines (JTA) is rushing into the strike in 07 June, December and 08 years of year when the JAL group is seen. Many of the strike on the ANA side are types of the case. It can be said that it seems as if it belonged to a far-off age when thinking the strike of JAL to be more than that of ANA overwhelmingly from the latter half of the 1980's to the first half of the 90's

- The main body of ANA Pilot annual income is 22 million yen.

In this backdrop, there is a treatment gap of ANA group internal "Main body" and "Subsidiary".

The union of four companies : in the document announced before the strike of second done in April, '09. 「The All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. management ..subsidiary.. has been flooded by the convenience of management for six years. The mechanism with good convenience of the main body of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. is brought in to a related subsidiary in every case, and it has carried on it in the with one's own way. 」With the indication. The salary gap is put in question on that , saying that "The wage level of the main body of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. crew and the crew of the subsidiary has about three times the gap (Any more if tempering with the labor contents and the number of national holidays)". Main body of ANA cockpit crew'(Pilot and mean age 44.5 years old) average annual salaries on March 31,'08 are about 22 million yen according to the securities report of ANA.

About 800 yen according to crew Air Nippon (ANK) union (Fukuokashi) that is one of four unions, and even some captains are about 1100 yen. It seems to be correct that "Three gap times" that exists in the document of the former rising has some considerable treatment differences about the overstatement feeling.

In the ANK crew union

「The management typed out 'Fleet and resource strategy' that fixed working conditions by the model several years ago. Working conditions inevitably worsens to the subsidiary because the service of the small size machine is a center, too. (It is better than the small size machine of working conditions. )This commitment was made a wastepaper though it agreed on moving the quota share of the medium format service from the main body to the subsidiary. 」

Understanding is requested from the strike that comes one after another. On the other hand, ANA Office of Public Relations :.

「The negotiation by the same theme and the issue continues since it goes on strike about 06 years. It thinks the solution to be able to go in figure by spending time though no theme that can be solved at once. 」

The confrontation structure of the management side and the union has clarified no change since year of 06 of speaking.

Having announced the outlook that the settlement of accounts at the period on January 30,'09 and March, '09 falls to the deficit after an interval of six years : ANA. The net loss of nine billion yen is expected ordinary losses of 10 billion yen, and it is thought that the cost reduction measure such as the employment cost reductions is advanced. Method Hanai includes only the wage increase of the fee lowering Kako company of the main body so that the gap of "Headquarters-subsidiary" on which the union of the subsidiary insists may bury it and a latter possibility also includes the future and the possibility that the frequency of the strike doesn't decrease low. .

- source: J-CAST news (2009/04/23) Http://



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