Official Development Assistance (ODA)の最近のブログ記事

The government reviews the mechanism of the yen loan that is the core business of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Half the business period when it takes complete seven years on the average through the financing performance is shortened from the investigation at the level in the infrastructure improvement of developing countries.

"Mixture model assistance" combined with an unnecessary uncompensated financial assistance to repay and a private investment and loan is promoted.
Not only basic infrastructures such as the road and electricity but also it supports it to the facilities construction such as the hospitals and the schools as one body. It will execute from the coming year, and the international contribution of Japan appeals if it is early.

The yen loan is an important diplomacy means to occupy about the half of ODA of Japan. The review concerning the effectiveness of solvency and the application bases going out of dissatisfaction with the complexity from the country related on business and the order enterprise, the procedure is simplified, and the period is compressed.



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