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  last November as for the state bond ticket issue of 9.9 billion dollars for the rapid-transit railway achievement.
This fixed income debt is used for the capital of the bullet train plan of about 1280 kilometers in the total length that connects San Francisco, Fresno, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. Being do the traffic between San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2 hours and 40 minutes becomes possible if it achieves it.

A well informed person about "The fare becomes about 60 dollars in one way because it competes with a cheap airline such as Southwest Airlines" and the California rapid-transit railway analyzes it. It takes 12 hours from about nine hours though it depends on the route in Am Truck now.

Eight billion dollars or more are scheduled to be invested in a rapid-transit railway from all over the U.S., and how California state can pull the capital sooner or later is a key in the Obama political power besides the bond issuance of state. California, Florida, and Missouri, etc. fight over a federal government fund of eight billion dollars, and the result is scheduled to come out in August now.

To leave the yield, governor Schwarzenegger who takes one's final bows in 2010 coming is enthusiastic, "The rapid-transit railway brings California the tremendous benefit". The Quentin glass chairman of the California rapid-transit railway bureau committee says at the daybreak of the railway achievement, "It is expected that the employment of 150,000 people is invented by the railroad work relation in about ten years from 2010 to 2020".

By the way, what opinion does the resident in California state have for the rapid-transit railway?
People's voices were picked up in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

University student's Frankie , saying that "The book is read in the speed train after it swims on the Venice beach in Santa Monica, and meal, and terrible story in San Francisco".

Loss Gaschet to work for an architectural proprietary company「Though the rapid-transit railway only has to be completed early. It commutes between San Jose in which San Francisco and home in the office that is are located in the train named the Carteret Dipterocarpus tuberculatus by using the commutation ticket of about 190 dollars month now. The rapid-transit railway is convenient and logical than the airplane from which time is taken by the Japanese oak between short distances and the security check of Californian intrastate, etc.」。

Tamala of the assistant professor of University of Tulsa Department of Law「The railway moves from the center to the center of the city. A benefit different from the airport that can exist only in remoteness in the noise pollution. Land is more necessary for the United States the train because of the vastness. 」
Construction promotion is favoured solving.

One side「Management shows a loss like other public transports because the population is few, and it will make amends for Central volleyball by the tax though it decided to passing the California rapid-transit railway in San Jose City if the big city is excluded. Will California state government finance be safe though it has failed?」It is business consultant in Los Angeles Thomas that worries.

The traffic department hilum director and the Peter Skinner of the Silicon Valley leadership group「It is heard that it is planned to be suitable of the profit even if the setting etc. of the fare, and there is no government backing. If the rapid-transit railway is achieved, it is possible to live with Yasui of the land price, to work in a big city, and to solve the housing problem. 」It talks.  The Silicon Valley leadership group is a group that is concentrated of a powerful enterprise in Silicon Valley and aims at the maintenance of the business environment in the region. It plays an important role on the financing side in the rapid-transit railway.

The rapid-transit railway construction project in California state was in the 80's, and supported the business as the Japanese National Railways affiliate in Japan at that time advised. However, there was pressure of the oil company and the auto company after fundraising had had a rough going in Japan-U.S., too and it did not achieve it.

When this plan for HS railway depends on the glass chairman, San Jose (about 50 kilo) is a practice in 30 miles (about 48 kilo) that connect Anaheim with Los Angeles from San Francisco for about three years from 2011 for about three years from 2010.
It is a schedule and Iu from 2018 to 2022 that whole line completes from San Francisco to Anaheim (about 750 kilo).
The total cost of construction is ..enlargement said, "About 33 billion dollars in last year's stage" (glass chairman).. Hitai. As for the capitals of the remainder other than the fixed income debt, state expects the subsidy from a federal government, the investment such as the enterprises between locals, and private equities, etc.
However, it is likely not to go on the road of fundraising with fair wind and smooth sailing if it thinks about the economic environment of present simultaneous slowdown of the world economy.
However, the glass chairman is "The technology and the design are more difficult than fundraising" and Iu. Various proposals have already been done by each city where the high-end residentials such as Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and acetones are held about the problem that the rapid-transit railway gives the environment.
Http://www.toyokeizai.net/business/international/detail/AC/5386cae42bdde3e9d06e7984b69ec9d9/page/1/ * image http://www.toyokeizai.net/public/image/2009062900174544-5.jpg

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Chairman Keiyuki Kasai who had visited Washington for the sales promotion of Shinkansen clarified it by the lecture on the 29th. The running experiment is done according to "Rapid-transit railway international symposium" held faster than 320 kilo of TGV of France in Nagoyashi in the same month at the midnight after the commercial operation.

The N700 faction drives the Tokaido section now and 270 kilo or less and the mountain positive sections are driven by 300 kilo. 330 kilo is the first time though 320 kilo has been put out by the examination running in the mountain positive section.

The running test is Maihara - The plan to take the affiliate in Kyoto and to run. System..introduction..under discussion..country..Japan..advantage..understand..aim.

By the way, the velocities of the world of the rapid-transit railway where the business driving is done are 350 kilo of China (Beijing - Tianjin).


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  that achieved automated system operation by the new transportation system for the first time domestically. It is because the renewal to a new vehicle to reinforce the capacity is completed, and it will disappear in 28 years after the start of business in 1981. Kobe new traffic discusses sales of the commemoration goods and holding the event in answer to the voices of the citizens who regret 8000 faction retirement.

Portlinear who connects Sangu with Port Island in the man made island keeps be a route drawer to the Kobe airport of February, increasing to a medical industry city the advancement enterprise in 2006, and the number of passengers increasing because of the foundation of a school of the university that comes one after another. The number of passengers in fiscal year 2008 exceeded 20 million people for the first time except fiscal year 1981 when the Kobe Port Island exposition had been held.

Therefore, the accelerated performance is good made of the stainless steel light, capacity also advances renewals to about 10 percent more newer 2000 faction vehicles in April, '08, and it increases the carrying capacity. The introduction charge is about 600 million yen an organization (six cars). The 17th organization is scheduled to be disposed in August this year.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/retto/20090625c6b2503625.html * image(From the Hypersensitivity pneumonitis of Kobe new traffic. )
・8000 factions
・2000 factions

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  in place along railway-tracks was clarified in the construction project of the linear Chuo Shinkansen Project between Tokyo and Nagoya and the executive summary of the fundamental structure of the station that had been shown in each prefecture etc. was the 11th clarified. Nagano Prefecture is a show lingua in the prefectural assembly public transportation countermeasure ad hoc committee on the same day.

According to this, linear is "A mass converter is necessary" and stresses it to the intermediate station so that starting than running the highspeed of about 500 kilo per hour may require a lot of electric powers. It was assumed that the installation of a large-scale cable was indispensability.
It is specified that the highspeed elevator is also necessary for building the station so that the underground is deep.

JR East Sea thinks that the cost of construction burden of the intermediate station comprising such facilities is requested from the local municipality.
There is an indication, "Several ten billion yen", too and the adjustment is paid to attention though the amount is undecided.

Besides this, the length of the yard assumes about one kilo in the executive summary. The width of the home where two was constructed was assumed to be 5-8 meters according to the definition of Tokaido Shinkansen. Four railway tracks were paved in premises because there was a passed train, too, and "Hall home structure" to intercept between the railway track and the home by the glass plate etc. was assumed from the angle that prevented the fall.

Moreover, the intermediate station is "A high existing facility of the railway and knot is necessary" and is stressed to JR Tokai.
Linear was specified for the highspeed, "It was desirable that the spacing as possible of the station and the station was as long".

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It is Iu when being arrive at Kansai International Airport in eight minutes if it achieves it.

Umeda and the north yard according to the calculation of the prefecture - The assumption that starts by the non-stop by about 50 kilo of Kansai International Airport, and business expenses are Tomiru in rough figures for about one trillion yen. Governor Hashimoto said to reporters , saying that "Fantastic story" though refused, "Kansai International Airport became number 1's airport in Asia, and the urban structure of Osaka and Kansai changed at a dash if it would connect with the central area of Tokyo in eight minutes".

It is insisted that the location of Kansai International Airport change if governor Hashishita often does center in Osaka and the access of Kansai International Airport beforehand. It calls for the achievement of railway "Naniwa muscle line" for both ground to tie with the stand for 30 minutes, and the country will start the demand forecasting investigation of this line from next month. However, "Even the place in which it investigates is my role" and it makes remarks on this day. If the result that the profit cannot be taken by the investigation comes out, "Money need not be spent. "「The country used 15 trillion yen for anticyclic measures. Linear : as a national strategy in the interesting one in case of the Naniwa muscle line for 300 billion yen. 」Seeming no dream altogether either.

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. ..Nanhoku..-..uncivilized industry in the starting JR Osaka east line (Shin-Ohsaka and Kyuhoji-20.3 kilo).. opening to traffic between Shin-Ohsaka (11.1 kilo) on the 25th the lag.
It is a reason such as ending of the land required for acquisition only by 3%. On the same day, third sector "Osaka outside annular railway" of the maintenance subject that the prefecture and JR Western Japan invested did the motion that extended the construction time limit to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport up to 30 end of the fiscal year.

This company starts construction work for 11 years aiming at the whole line opening to traffic for 23 fiscal years. It is caused to delay in the land required for acquisition etc. , and ..Tona.. hangs it from 19 fiscal years starting constructing the emission north by the influence though it Kyuhoji-..maintenance as the first priority section.. opened between emission (9.2 kilo) in March, '20.
Therefore, the purchase can been done between emission and Shin-Ohsaka yet only by 3% of necessary about 1900 square meters in land.

Moreover, two houses in the apartment house built on the railway track schedule ground, and the problem of a huge compensation cost is an accrual though a railway track new along the Toukaido Line between the Nishibuki rice field (tentative name) and Shin-Ohsaka was scheduled to be constructed at first. To tie directly to an existing Umeda goods line and to ride into Shin-Ohsaka, the amendment of the plan was done through necessity.

In this company, such a planned change is a motion this time with the construction extension of maturity. It will work on the improvement work etc. of Shin-Ohsaka Station for riding in the summer of this year. 「The practice is drastic late and it ..person in place along railway-tracks.. feels sorry very much. It completes it for 30 fiscal years, and I want to use and to do to the Yasui railway. 」
It makes it. 

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2-30 percent Yasui's opens a store by the pace of ten shops a year in the whole country while converting a super-so on to which sales languish from the price of usual super by features.
The user's saving intention is received, and rival other party's seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings also is moving to the enlargement of the discount shop.
It ..retail price drop.. ..giving impetus.. seems it the movement of two circulation major companies.

The first conversion lingua shop was opened from the dwelling house articles shop in Okayamashi in a day.
The area of the store is about 4000 square meters.
The price cutting is achieved by narrowing the number of merchandise, and suppressing employment cost.
Not only the processed food but also fresh goods such as the Cucumis sativus L. of seven yen each are sold cheap.

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