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Fgedoremuearainz of the Suzuyo subsidiary (Shizuokashi and president Yohei Suzuki) announced on the 24th that it went into service on July 23 the regular mail that connected the Shizuoka airport that opened a port in June with three airports (Komatsu, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima).
Komatsu - The Shizuoka line is provided by two reciprocating a day, and the single fare is 14,800―23,800 yen in the adult (12 years old or more).

Time of flight is 55 minutes. It becomes a drastic cutback compared with the railway (JR Kanazawa - Shizuoka Station) where about 3―4 hours were required including the change, and it seems to cause the alternating current population enlargement in both regions.

Komatsu - The diamond in the Shizuoka line is 8:35AM and 4:45PM at 10:10AM and 6:20PM from Shizuoka from Komatsu.
The use machine parts gets on by 76 people and is a small jet plane made by the Brazil en bra ell company.

The all year fare of one way is adult 23,800 yen and infant) from 3(to less than 12 years old 16,800 yen.
It ..all year fare.. becomes it if the cheap fare system is introduced, and 28 Hikuma purchase ..9000 yen (The infant is 2000 yen) easily... The airline ticket is sold on June 1.

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The number of users of road in-ski places of this winter dropped greatly compared with last season.
The number of passengers of lift gondolas from November last year that the Hokkaido ropeway association (Sapporoshi) had brought together to March this year was about 42 million of 10% decreases. Changeable weather such as the shortage of snow in addition to the decreasing tendency of the skiing population and the stormy weather on the weekend worsened it.

434,000 of the this moon proportion 32% increase of the previous year because the weekend and holiday were more than the previous year in November.
The amount of snowfall dropped in December when a lot of skiing ground behind which practices were delayed fewer than ordinary years were as 5 million 568 thousand of 21.6% decreases.

Affecting etc. to which stormy weather continued on the weekend in February even if this year comes and the customers is sluggish. The moon also was early the Sapporoshi internal thaw, and remained in 6 million 903 thousand of 13% decreases. "The image of the season end has been had. " (this association) though there was skiing ground under business, too.

The population of the whole country of skiing snowboard is assumed about 9.6 million people, and has decreased by 40 percent every eight years.
East Japan Railway..Shinjuku..Station..Tobu Railway..sunlight..Kinugawa-onsen..station..connect..directly go..special express..operation..both companies..start..pass.Convenience without the false mount changing of three main stations in the metropolitan area of Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Omiya is popular, and the number of tourists in sunlight and Kinugawa River has increased. On the other hand, the difficulty such as stagnation of the number of hotel guests has surfaced, too.

- A lot of tourists boarded Spashia" in Kinugawa-onsen Station a good the 25th in the afternoon for Shinjuku ..use.. ..special express "... The commemoration taking a picture is done in front of the train, and there are a lot of people who hold the souvenir in both hands, too.
Office worker Ito (28) of Mr./Ms. in Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasakishi visited by the married couple speaks, "I am easier than the car and want to come though it used to go for the first time".

East Japan Railway and Tobu have been operating a direct special express by two reciprocating since March, 2006.
Driving of the interoperability in JR (Shinjuku - Utsunomiya Sencrihashieki) and Tobu-Nikko and the Kinugawa River line (Kurihashi - Tobu-Nikko and Kinugawa-onsen Station).

The Pulmonary regurgitation effect by the poster of each station in the metropolitan area, and use is a good condition and Iu according to the Tobu Railway Public Relations Department becoming of it easiness for the Tokyo west and the person in Kanagawa to use. 10 percent extra Canada lingua both from fiscal year 2005 (960,000 people and 1.02 million people ..Tobu-Nikko ..number of users during year of fiscal year 2007.. Station though vehicle occupancy is undissemination.. ..Kinugawa-onsen Station..) before start of operation. When the previous year level is sustained in fiscal year 2008 under the total, it is Iu. There are a lot of use of not the group but the family and the small group.

According to Nikkoshi, the number of tourists of sunlight regions of 08 years is 2.28 million people the Fujiwara region where 6.32 million people and Kinugawa-onsen are employed, and has increased by 200,000 people in total compared with 05 years.

The foreigner who stayed in Nikkoshi in 08 : for 05 years with about 80,000 people in the proportion 80 percent extra.
"It became easy to come from Shinjuku where the foreign tourist stayed a lot" (same city Tourism Department) effect has been brought.

"Sphere of the sunlight sightseeing" is recognized by the sightseeing agency on the 22nd, and the cooperation of the region and two companies in the railway advances.
The sale of the discount excursion ticket intended for the Nikkoshi internal railway and the bus route is discussed.

Nikkoshi and sunlight Tourist Association, etc. held briefing that gathered affiliates in the retail store and the inn to use integrated circuit card ticket "Suica (watermelon)" with the electronic money function of two companies in the railway and "PASMO (Pasmo)" even in the shop in the city in March. The introduction charge of the card reading terminal is scheduled to be supported by the assistant industry in the country.

- An increase in voice and the number of tourists in which Maben is requested is not related to an increase in the number of hotel guests. According to the city, about 30,000 people have decreased the Fujiwara region contrary to 1.95 million people though about 50,000 people increased the number of hotel guests of sunlight regions of 08 years more than 05 years with 1.33 million people. Toshikazu Arai and the head of sunlight local Tourist Association federation analyze, "It became convenient and the number of day trip guests had increased".

Especially, there is an influence to which the room is redecorated when the blow of the depression since the last autumn is received, and each inn gathers an individual guest from the group and the number of accommodation is suppressed in Kinugawa-onsen, too.

There is an opinion from which "The operation number is a little in four total reciprocating" (long-established inn landlady) and Maben are requested from the local sightseeing business, too.
Two companies of one side in the railway worry about railway user's setback because of the influence that the new fee discount of the expressway in ETC (electronic toll collection system) started in March. The Kinugawa-onsen stationmaster of Katsuo Ooka is Iu , saying that "Gaze at the trend at Golden Week holidays".  big change Hanai and current Iu

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Eddy minus 1.3% and government economic outlooks 2009/4/28 of commodity price the greatest downfall and approaching deflation Http://

Executive summary of government economic outlook

The government reported on real GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate in fiscal year 2009 of the 27th and it reported on the change to a lower level lingua economic outlook to the extraordinary cabinet meeting drastic. The consumer price index (synthesis) becomes the range of reduction of the the greatest with the minus 1.3% besides dropping to the worst level the preceding fiscal year proportion minus 3.3% and after the war as for the growth rate in the past, too.
Shape to perceive existence of risk of deflation that price plunge and economy narrow.

The amendment was done through necessity though 0.0% of the government was a growth rate of the GDP by the dissemination lingua economic outlook last December. The amendment's at the time of of April exceptional, and falling below fiscal year 1998 (minus 1.5%) almost became certain. It changes from the minus 0.8% to the minus 3.1% the results expectancy in fiscal year 2008, and it becomes negative growth 2 years in a row.

As for attention, the consumer price index in fiscal year 2009 was expected the downfall of 1.3%.
The minus becomes a the greatest as a rate of decrease after an interval of four years in the past. The executive of Cabinet Office「Demand is weak as a whole. Deflationary concerns are noted. 」It speaks.  

In the most much fear of governments, the price plunge and the recession are recrudescences of "Deflation spiral" that simulataneous progress. The perception of changing to the minus after an interval of 18 months of the nationwide consumer price index in March made public at the end of this week becomes strong among economists.

The GDP pushing up effect : by about 0.2% though the government included the supply of flash benefit money in the additional budget to rouse consumption in fiscal year 2008. Moreover, the pushing up effect of about 0.2% in total is expected in the spread promotion plan etc. of the eco-friendly car reduction of taxes and the energy saving consumer electronics that is the eyeball of economic measures.

However, the raw material that corporate results improve is scarce, and there are a lot of "The effect is limited" (private economist) and skeptic voices of employment and the pay situation only under the situation in which single-minded of progression of the disease is traced in the marketplace.

If the domestic demand was not good, the difficulty of the management reconstruction of the U.S. car major and the disposal of bad loans of the Europe and America financial institution was enumerated in the interview on the 27th, and the Kaoru Yosano financial affairs, finance, and state minister for economic and fiscal affairs showed "(Japanese economy) The downside risk was not a domestic factor but a perhaps overseas factor" and the caution though the request was a foreign demand. If the Europe and America economy drops further, export and the recovery in production of Japan become distant further, and achievement becomes difficult even as for the outlook of the minus 3.3%. 


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Even if the Sus scrofa of a troublesome person who ruined the field was marketed as a specialty, the operation of the first Sus scrofa meat fabrication plant inside a prefecture that Nakagawamachi had established became full-scale. There is a finished ceremony on the 20th, too. The Sus scrofa known by game (game) dish aims at the leading part of the local redevelopment movement.

Facilities completed in Nakagawamachi Wami are the one-storied house construction about 90 square meters. The Sus scrofa ..dismantling.. ..vacuum pack.. is packed, and there is cryopreserved equipment. The assistance 14 million yen etc. of the country are received, and gross business expense is 38 million yen. It started at one April 10, and nine was processed by the end of April. About 60 is a target at current year.

The Sus scrofa that members of local Ryoyu Hunting Association captured by the trap hunting is accepted, and the town buys it for 400 yen a kilo.
If the weight of the catch is 40 kilograms, this member's net profit is 16,000 yen.

136 was captured by both of the trap that ran during the gun hunting termly and year in the town in 122 fiscal year 2007 and fiscal year 2008.
It was not possible to sell, and it ate a little by the companion home or it buried it if there was no license of the meat disposing business of the food sanitation law even if it captured it conventionally occasionally. The town agriculture and forestry promotion section expects, "Become working hard of hunters advanced by the advanced age if becoming it if the Sus scrofa only that exterminated it sells".

The farm products damage by the Sus scrofa is serious. In the town, the rice plant, Solanum tuberosum, and the Zea mays L., etc. were eaten messily, and there was damage of about 19 million yen in fiscal year 2007.

Sus scrofa's fertility is strong in eating everything. To build the processing facility in which it not only exterminated but also it persisted in the hygiene equipping, to sell the Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. meat of the high quality, and to make it to the specialty, the town started. There are similar facilities also in Chiba Prefecture Otakimachi and Gunma Prefecture Nakanojomachi in Kanto.

The safety of food considers enough, preserves as a specimen by the facilities side, puts out a part of meat for sales to the vendor, and the bacillus is checked.

Meat is sold dividing into the fillet, the back, the Boston butt, the Prunus persica Batsch, and the Rosa hybrida hort., etc. by each part. The price is 2600 yen in 3600 yen and Sne for each kilo etc. in the fillet.

It is Iu when there is pulling against each other from the restaurant of "Roadside station abuse" of local and the Nasumachi internal resort facilities to say nothing of the hot spring ryokan etc. of the town. The town sponsored in March, it called the restaurant and the hotel of the town, and the symposium of the Sus scrofa meat dish was held. The Bocyou miso was burnt, it came though the standard was a pan and a stew, various, original menus such as fries without coating were exhibited, and it was possible to look for the expectation for the Sus scrofa as the specialty.

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New-generation overseas Chinese's shop has opened a store in succession in the town of the overseas Chinese who was born with open a port Yokohama 150 years ago at last few years. To obtain "Japanese dream" in the Chinatown of the world's largest class to which closing the store that is inside and long-established (shop of old standing) to which the depression in addition to the food from China parting continues comes one after another, a stout alive the remainder competition is developed.

As for Yokohama Chinatown, the region with all sides of about 500 meters lines with about 250 eating houses.
After opening a port of Yokohama in 1859, it was made by overseas Chinese who came to Japan in the foreigner concession.
The tourist goes up to about 20 million people a year now.

Closing the store having begun to stand out in the town : for 3 or 4 years. 13 shops of about 20 percent close the store only in the Main Street in Maine. Sano and Rou Yoroji president (67) of the president of the Yokohama Chinatown development association cooperative association「16 shops closed in the entire Chinatown in this year. These kind of things doesn't have the example in the past. 」It leaks it.  

The reason for closing the store is a financial difficulty and a lack of an heir, etc. by the depression. It is Iu when there is old an overseas Chinese who abandons it from can the expectation of a high house-rent income to branch if it lends it, too.

However, it is features that a new shop opens soon even if the store is closed. It is at Iu that advances when the people of the new-generation overseas Chinese who came to Japan chiefly along with the reform openness policy of China after the 1980's open the shop outside the Chinatown and there are a lot of arrivistes.

In last spring, Tinsayoshi president (37) of the Fukumitsu garden group opened the shark's fin specialty store that became the fifth shop on the side of the head office the same as Kitamon.

Chin from Fujian Province came to Japan in 88, and continued plural part-time jobs while going to the language school. Joining a company and independence were dreamt for 92 years in the established business house in Yokohama and it worked for about 300 hours month. The Chinatown advancement of the wish was accomplished in 02 when the shop was set up for 95 years near the Chinatown.

In the greater part of Chinatowns, the shop closed at 9-10 PM does business the Fukumitsu garden until 2:00AM.
Chin「A new article is big Changsu for us. The new paradigm is cooked, and, besides, if the service that not is is not done, it is not possible to survive. 」It talks.  

New-generation overseas Chinese's Tinhatsic president (38) was start-up with the companion of vice president's Mr. (36) chapter of the Chin having from Fujian Province, and the first shop was opened in the Chinatown by "90 yen meat Man" in the summer of 04 years on the Sumerao morning of the reputation.

A yellow signboard sings "World champion's shop" by features. A previous branch shop and the guest did marketing, and what you requested repeated the trial manufacture. The answer is "It is small and cheap. "Vice president Chin「The taste is confident. I want to defend productive efficiency and stocking by the review and 90 yen. 」。A store opened in the Main Street of the wish at the end of last year, and it became 11 shops including five shops in the Chinatown.

On the other hand, a new anxiety has occurred to the new-generation overseas Chinese's advancement that comes one after another, too. It is Iu when there are a lot of new-generation overseas Chinese who do not participate in this either though "City planning accord" is made in the Chinatown, and there are a lot of events of activation, too. Ayamana president (56) of Ayamaayama「There is a shop that repeats the manners breach of a forcible tout and the Vila distribution, etc. in a new shop, too. Then, the town doesn't prosper as long as I avoid it. 」It takes and the nail is pierced.

However, the woods president :. 「It is sure to cooperate if there is room now though business might be not busily good to city planning at participation. New-generation overseas Chinese's hungry psyche is Yoi stimulation for old the overseas Chinese. 」It sees.  

- The Main Street is Yokohama Chinatown jammed with the tourist and the shopper on the weekday regardless of holiday. 
The government reviews the mechanism of the yen loan that is the core business of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Half the business period when it takes complete seven years on the average through the financing performance is shortened from the investigation at the level in the infrastructure improvement of developing countries.

"Mixture model assistance" combined with an unnecessary uncompensated financial assistance to repay and a private investment and loan is promoted.
Not only basic infrastructures such as the road and electricity but also it supports it to the facilities construction such as the hospitals and the schools as one body. It will execute from the coming year, and the international contribution of Japan appeals if it is early.

The yen loan is an important diplomacy means to occupy about the half of ODA of Japan. The review concerning the effectiveness of solvency and the application bases going out of dissatisfaction with the complexity from the country related on business and the order enterprise, the procedure is simplified, and the period is compressed.
Those during the 11th and Golden Week (April 30th - May 6th) who came to a store were about 26,000 people to the prefecture as for new antenna shop "Delicious Yamagata plaza" of the prefecture that had opened in Tokyo and Ginza at the end of April, and it was announced that sales had mounted up to about 10 million yen. The prefecture that assumes the sales target at current year to be 380 million yen is pleased , saying that "Pickup more than the expectation".

Those who come to a store including the person only of the visit are about 3700 day people on the average and about 26,000 people in total according to the prefecture.

Eating house "Yamagata Sandandero" of the second floor visits by business only of lunch by 90 day people on the average, and starts dinner on the 12th. In of the first floor, when the perishable foods such as edible wild plants is popular, it is Iu.

Moreover, when the point corresponding to the purchased amount is straightened, those who join about "Yamagata fan club" in which the specialty of the prefecture can be gotten are about 800 people.

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Filipino's nursing master and care worker's candidate come to Japan the tenth on the basis of economic partnership agreement (EPA) on Japan and the Philippines.

Progression of the disease to the qualification of Japan of the employment environment of one's height of the hurdle and one's feet sounds, and the number of those who accept falls below the plan drastic though it becomes countries second after last year's Indonesia.


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Kyotoshi achieved "50 million tourist plan" by the front loaded for two years.
The cooperation of the sightseeing facility such as "Production", "Government", and Jishiya becomes intimate every year, and it can be said at that time at the time of set the target the yield that honestly piles the measure though the indication that doubted achievement had gone out, too.

「Yield of all capital capital. There wants to be amount of Kachi combination by me pleasure. 」。The Kadokawa masterpiece mayor enumerated the cooperation of the various circles as a factor of achievement in the interview on the 11th in first.
The tourist in the city : Kuri Chizu economic activation Yama making springboard sightseeing though changed for years by about 38 million people.
The numerical target of 50 million people was launched to advance it in 2000, and the plan for next year was settled on. "The caught person was abundant at that time when it was wild" (executive of the city) and Iu.

The concord of the city where the confrontation of the ancient city tax problem etc. continued and the Kyoto Buddhism association was in order at this time, and however, coordinated strengthening as the sightseeing temple and shrine and there was an estimate with "The target is good at achievement enough", too. "Corridor of light" plan that the Buddhism association proposed was made the best use of, and the yield went out of "Hana" that was the opening in Ranzan in December simultaneously with the concord in Higashiyama in March by the time about two million people a year were gathered.

In addition, the maintenance of Sasocac and the preparation for reception etc. by the cooperation of the religion field and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc. included the business of 100 or more in the sightseeing promotion promotion plan that had been settled on in 01, and "Visit Japan campaign" in the country became the fair wind of the foreign tourist attracting, too. The achievement lingua shifts 50 million people by the business development of such an attack and the focus will be shifted to the plan for the next term when the quality of not only the number but also sightseeing is requested in the future.

Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry fil the proposal to stare after ten years going sightseeing in Kyoto to the city and the prefecture in April.
Sightseeing business variously depressed from "It did not have the oneness easily aiming at promotion" (president Yoshio Tateishi) and the indication and cooperation by one step by the category of business business conditions, and called for the necessity of an independent tela in all capital capital as a pulling post.

The city starts the decision work of a new sightseeing promotion promotion plan in June. Is the request such as economic circles received, and how is the sightseeing measure having.. constructed?The Kadokawa mayor showed the posture converted to not only the numerical target but also "Quality" valuing , saying that "As for sightseeing, the sum total of managing the city like the culture, the art, the industry, the religion, and traffic, etc. is asked".
The argument of the sightseeing activation will start newly by "All capital capital" that aims at wide cooperation.

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Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications understood and it was understood that it became transfer excess 2 years in a row, and the change took place in the attraction in the hemihedry and Fukuoka where the population inflow to Fukuoka Prefecture continued in Kyushu according to the migration report in 2008 based on the dissemination lingua basic resident register on the 24th.

In the number of moveds, that exceeds the prefectural boundary and moved to another region, Fukuoka is most and is 107,264 people in Kyushu. It continues with 37,228 Kagoshima people and 35,409 Kumamoto people. In six prefectures except Fukuoka, the top at the transfer destination is Fukuoka. Both are more than the transfers to Tokyo. In Saga, four of ten moveds are moving to Fukuoka, and the proportion that Fukuoka occupies goes up to 31.3%‐17.5% also in other prefectures.

However, Saga and Nagasaki are 1.1 points, Kumamoto decreases to the transfer proportion to Fukuoka by 0.2 points compared with the previous year, and Kagoshima is a level-off. It stays very much in 0.1 points and marginal rises by 0.6 points in Miyazaki also in the advance lingua prefecture. The transfer because of Fukuoka destination is 12.9%(Tokyo most, and the whole). Transfer overspeed increases by 1161 people compared with the previous year, and looks for the slowdown of the attraction.

Transfer excess by Kitakyushushi if government ordinance city in Fukuoka prefecture is seen. Overspeed seems to have influenced the movement of the setback Shite descending 1678 people and the entire prefecture since the previous year though Fukuokashi still keeps the moving in excess.

"The degradation of the branch of the enterprise might affect it though movement to aim at Fukuoka by finding employment and going on to school doesn't seem to continue, and to have decreased the centripetal force" and it specifies it to regional Distribution Economics Institute of Japan in Kumamotoshi though Fukuoka Prefecture Research and Statistics Division is speaking the finding, "There is no data according to the region and the generation, and do not exist though it analyzes".
「The overall practice of Kyushu Shinkansen is connected directly with the Kyushu internal business system review. The trend in the future, 」It makes it.  

- source: The Nishinihon News paper (2009/04/25) Http://
The donation of the governor of Toru Hashishita Osaka Prefecture who decorates street trees in Osaka and Midosuji with light emitting diode (LED) to eyeball business "Midosuji illumination" is slack, and dark clouds drifts in the business. It is about 2.5 million yen that gathered though the target is 75 million yen. The possibility to downsize one's operations went out, too and the charge post in the prefecture that strengthened the sense of crisis shot out to the street on the 14th, and started raising a fund.

 「Osaka Prefecture. Please cooperate in the Midosuji illumination. 」。It called for cooperation in the illumination business while bowing to office workers who were commuting by ten executive staff of the prefecture city charm creation bureau in Midosuji in Osaka and Hommachi on the morning of the 14th.

About 2000 pieces in Vila that call the donation that uses "Birthplace Osame tax system" are distributed at 1 hour from 8:00AM.
An Arai pure director of a bureau「I want to market Osaka as waiting for light. I want to ask the enterprise and the prefecture people to cooperate at any cost for Osaka though the grinding recession. 」It solved and power was put.

Governor Hashishita locates the Midosuji illumination to one of the pillars of the Osaka activation plan as "The symptom (the request and the change into the prefecture people) is felt, and Osaka is lightened energetically".

It aims to decorate the Salisburia adianthifolia roadside trees of Midosuji of about 1.2 kilo (Yodoyabashi - Senbachuo 3) with the LED between December and the end on January next year, to attract a domestic and foreign person in the spectacle of the longest in Japan and the the greatest class, and to create the bustle.

There is a criticism "Maintenance of the prefecture people service from the illumination" because governor Hashishita is working on a large-scale financial reconstruction over this business, too. Governor Hashishita who assumes "Judge it from the prefecture people sense" to be a creed there is an assertion as for the same foreheads the spending Shite business expenses of the prefecture as the donation gathered. The mechanism to which the distance of the decoration from Yodoyabashi is decided according to the donation forehead.

The total business budget 200 million yen for 1.2 kilo : from the donation and the prefecture expense for 100 million yen. It remains by 112 in 2,494,700 yen as of the morning of the 14th though the donation of 75 million yen is necessary to execute it according to schedule because there are 25 million yen assistance of the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications jurisdiction foundation etc.

The time limit approaches, too. The LED that uses the warm color suitable for the Salisburia adianthifolia is a special order item, and a virtual time limit in which the distance of the decoration is decided is the end of June because of "It is not in time if it will not order by the beginning of July" (person in charge).

There is Mizo's depression, too and support money of the enterprise is 0 now. The city charm creation bureau that takes charge of the business divides the work in about ten person chief clerk class or more in May and, at the beginning, is time of the enterprise Rio "Asking pilgrimage. " by about 200 companies by and the end of June
Fund-raising that stresses the use of "Birthplace Osame tax system" is scheduled to develop in the future.

- source:
Sakaishi..coastal region..liquid crystal, saying that..Sakaishi..civic group..Sharp..siting..public funds..spending..rectify..meeting..prefecture..audit..commissioner..public funds..spending..prohibit..Hashishita..prefecture..governor..recommend..request..resident..audit..request..who has made.

The prefecture decided that it hiked the upper limit of the subsidy a company from three billion to 15 billion yen in April, '07 ago of three months when the Sharp advancement was announced, and delivered 13.6 billion yen to Sharp in December.
Finally, if the affiliated firm is included, it is expected to swell to the aggregate amount 30.3 billion yen by four.

In the request, a large sum of subsidy to the private enterprise such as Sharp is inappropriate in view of the financial picture of the prefecture reconstructing * at the time of lack the equity with an unclear * medium and small-sized enterprise by the profit brought by the prefecture people. ――It makes and it is assumed public interest Hanai.

151 person civic group did the Sakaishi audit commissioner in local and the resident audit request to request canceling the plan that the reduction and exemption of taxes of the municipal taxes about 30 billion yen per 12 company such as Sharp and affiliated firms constructs the new line of next generation type tram (LRT) before the Sharp new factory spending the prohibition and about 28 billion yen to recommend it mayor Keisuke Kihara on the same day.

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The strengthening of activation and my domestic production industry competitiveness of the economic society was brought together and Japan Business Federation brought "It was possible to peel off ..the competitiveness nurture of talent and securing.." to attempt it and the title lingua proposal together.

It is assumed, "It is important to support the idea and the business model by which doesn't crack to the stereotype and promotion.. ..last.., and to promote and to secure talent who can cause an innovation in the wide sense without cracking to the nationality through the site of manufacturing and sales regardless of manufacture or the non-manufacturer because of the research and the development phase" in the proposal.

Especially, the industrial world cooperates both with the enrichment of the education in humanities including the foreign language ability and the internationalization response capability at the university and the educational institution, and the development of the talent promotion program by the transmission of the talent needs of the enterprise and the industries and universities cooperation etc. are promoted for nurture of talent and securing in the country. Moreover, the student guidance based on a periodic performance rating and the collateral of the quality of students and the introduction of the beneficiary assessment are attempted after college by the graduate who passes a certain period and the questionnaire implementation etc. to the place of employment (every year). It is requested that the university serve an important function as a place for the personnel training as the university advances the diversification of an educational contents and a target function.

Besides this, it is requested to enhance the education that improves the concern from a mid/long-term aspect to acquisition and Cotowari study of grounding at primary and a middle stage and the education that the child touches the charm of the one-making and inventiveness in the elementary and junior high school age.

It is necessary to attempt the plastic of the multi-cultural probiosis society in the promotion and securing foreigner, and on the other hand, the government enacts "Fundamental law of multi-cultural probiosis society promotion", provides the promotion headquarters that makes the prime minister a promotion general manager, and is assuming that it should work for the maintenance of the system of promotion. And, it proposed the thoroughness in the enrichment of the relaxation of securing the review of the resident status system and fair and the transparency and the settling down licensing requirements and Japanese-language educations, enrichments of the social security system, and the residence management and the starting work management etc. as an example of environmental considerations.

- source:
The prediction of gross domestic product (GDP) preliminary figure at the period of the January-March that depended on 11 main, private think tank companies was the first all present.

Substance except the influence of the price variation : in the proportion 4.2% previous term decrease and 15.9% in the annual rate decrease on the average.
It drops to the minus of four quarter serial without the example in the past and two digit minus of two quarter serial.

The decreasing rate exceeds the period on the January-March of 1974(13.1% in the annual rate decrease), and becomes the worst after the war.

Dropping the domestic demand like personal consumption expenditure and capital investment, etc. in addition to the setback of the one-step of the foreign demand is supposed to have depressed the GDP greatly for the period of the January-March.
As for the narrow range decrease and the capital investment of two quarter serial, personal consumption expenditure expects the setback of about 5-10% from progression of the disease of the employment environment in the background of the decline in corporate profits.
It is expected that all demand components the main as minus width of export expands from 13.8% at the period on the October-December of last year to about 30%, too are subtracted.

the perception that there was a possibility that the world economy experiences the depression similar to "Lost decade" of Japan in the 1990's on the 14th.

This professor said, "It is anxious though it took an optimistic view of ,for instance, the world economy in 2030 very much for about ten years from now" as "The entire world seems to be like to Japan during lost decade well" in the forum in Taipei.

The outlook that the world economy was faced to an unemployment rate high stopping in weak demand, the United States, and Europe of the private sector was shown though this professor decreased the possibility that the great depression in the 30's reappears.

It was specified that there was a common point with Japan before as problem of financial system, vulnerability of demand, and "Support it by the limited finance though it was profitable", etc. while professor Krugman was assumption, "Perhaps, the possibility that the great depression is repeated as it is seems to have decreased to about 5% now in my eyes several months ago though was about 20%".

In addition, a worldwide recession (recession) explains that the economic environment cannot be recovered by the difference foreign demand with Japan in addition to in a sense deeper an initial dropping as "It is worse than the lost decade of Japan".
It was said, "It is necessary to find another planet that became an opposite party to give the trade surplus with a drastic the entire world".

Similarly, the perception of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science winner's professor of Joseph U.S. Stiglitz Columbia University saying on the 13th, "It doesn't mean full restoration though the world economy might be descended slowdown Shite by the retrusion pace and hit bottom in the vicinity" as "End about the start rather than the last start now" in Beijing, too and prolonging the poor economy was shown.

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energy saving

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The government clarified the quota share of the price to the purchaser of the energy saving consumer electronics on the 11th and the policy assumed to be a system to choose the user merchandise by the mail order method was clarified about "Eco-point" system that reduced the point after the catalog of the merchandise that was able to be exchanged for the point had been made.

To show even in the Internet besides the booklet, the catalog is made. It doesn't limit to the energy saving consumer electronics, and it schedules it intended for wide merchandise though the contents of merchandise and the service that can be exchanged will be discussed in the future.

The government consigns the management of the system to the private organization, and provides the secretariat. system design will be sped up so that the exchange of the point and merchandise is started around this summer.

However, there is a possibility that the adjustment has a rough going over, too.  which merchandise to have targeted
The method of all the people's expecting the contents of the catalog whether to be going to deliver the catalog to home individually seems to become a discussion difficulty, too.

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The government decided 0.20 months that corresponded to about 10 percent while of 2.15 months of the supply schedule to be cut about federal officer's end of the period and diligent allowance (bonus) this summer in the salary ministerial conference on the eighth.
The National Personnel Authority was temporarily recommending the exception to match it to the bonus decrease of the private business due to rapid economic environment progression of the disease on.
It aims at early approval fil the feeding amendment bill to this Diet, and in time on June 1 that becomes the base date of the allowance calculation.

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It is All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) to always produce the face to the epistatic by "Finding employment request ranking" intended for the university student.
However, the strike has been repeated for these several years as the subsidiary goes on strike twice in 2009.
It happens in "JAL if it is said that it will go on strike" at the beginning of the 90's what on earth of the ANA progress has happened though cause Tomoi cracked?

- ANA group "Times second" : during 96 year.

The trade union of four ANA group companies rushes into the strike of 24 hours as ..answer of the management by the spring labor offensive.. dissatisfaction on March 18, 2009. 137 domestic flight flights were canceled, and the influence went out to the foot of about 9500 people. The negotiation is not settled afterwards, and the strike is carried out again on April 15 after only one month. 149 flights were canceled, and the influence went out to about 7000 people.

It seems to be able to call doing the strike twice or more a year in the ANA group the situation of the exception after the union of the main body of ANA goes in 96 after an interval of 13 years according to ANA Office of Public Relations.

Trade union of four companies of "Air Nippon (ANK)", "Eyre Central", and "Air Nippon network" and "Eyre Next" ..of doing this strike... All Pilot (about 600 people) other than the executive job are going on strike in these four unions at the very sight of the acquisition of membership Shite descending and these five years in 06 April, March and 07 years of year, and 115 flights and each 136 flights is canceled.

On the other hand, the influence of the cancellation has not come to reach like ANA on a nationwide scale though the union of Japan Eyre commuter (JAC) and Japanese trans- Ocean Airlines (JTA) is rushing into the strike in 07 June, December and 08 years of year when the JAL group is seen. Many of the strike on the ANA side are types of the case. It can be said that it seems as if it belonged to a far-off age when thinking the strike of JAL to be more than that of ANA overwhelmingly from the latter half of the 1980's to the first half of the 90's

- The main body of ANA Pilot annual income is 22 million yen.

In this backdrop, there is a treatment gap of ANA group internal "Main body" and "Subsidiary".

The union of four companies : in the document announced before the strike of second done in April, '09. 「The All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. management ..subsidiary.. has been flooded by the convenience of management for six years. The mechanism with good convenience of the main body of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. is brought in to a related subsidiary in every case, and it has carried on it in the with one's own way. 」With the indication. The salary gap is put in question on that , saying that "The wage level of the main body of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. crew and the crew of the subsidiary has about three times the gap (Any more if tempering with the labor contents and the number of national holidays)". Main body of ANA cockpit crew'(Pilot and mean age 44.5 years old) average annual salaries on March 31,'08 are about 22 million yen according to the securities report of ANA.

About 800 yen according to crew Air Nippon (ANK) union (Fukuokashi) that is one of four unions, and even some captains are about 1100 yen. It seems to be correct that "Three gap times" that exists in the document of the former rising has some considerable treatment differences about the overstatement feeling.

In the ANK crew union

「The management typed out 'Fleet and resource strategy' that fixed working conditions by the model several years ago. Working conditions inevitably worsens to the subsidiary because the service of the small size machine is a center, too. (It is better than the small size machine of working conditions. )This commitment was made a wastepaper though it agreed on moving the quota share of the medium format service from the main body to the subsidiary. 」

Understanding is requested from the strike that comes one after another. On the other hand, ANA Office of Public Relations :.

「The negotiation by the same theme and the issue continues since it goes on strike about 06 years. It thinks the solution to be able to go in figure by spending time though no theme that can be solved at once. 」

The confrontation structure of the management side and the union has clarified no change since year of 06 of speaking.

Having announced the outlook that the settlement of accounts at the period on January 30,'09 and March, '09 falls to the deficit after an interval of six years : ANA. The net loss of nine billion yen is expected ordinary losses of 10 billion yen, and it is thought that the cost reduction measure such as the employment cost reductions is advanced. Method Hanai includes only the wage increase of the fee lowering Kako company of the main body so that the gap of "Headquarters-subsidiary" on which the union of the subsidiary insists may bury it and a latter possibility also includes the future and the possibility that the frequency of the strike doesn't decrease low. .

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 "Clear progression of the disease" or "Still progression of the disease" were 76 companies, and it decreased to about 3/4 of the investigations of the 99 companies in November, 2008 in last time. As for "Level-off", it was shown that it increased from one company of the last investigation to 20 companies, three companies answered, "Signs of the restitution are seen", and the expectation of the economic recovery had extended.
As for its own business activity, there were a lot of answers with "The future picks up though it was slack" with 37 companies.

As for the factor (multiple answer) to give the economic environment adverse effects, the enterprise that enumerated "Became strong of progression of the disease and uncertainties in the outlook of the U.S. economy" reached 88 companies. Next, a lot of the one was almost reduced by half from putting of financial authorities in each country the financial stabilization plan into practice etc. from 60 companies of the last investigation though "Turmoil in the financial markets" was 32 companies in "Depression of personal consumption expenditure" (50 companies).

Moreover, 53 companies are assessment linguas , saying that "The effect of economic uprise is and there is a constant level" as for additional economic measures of the government of 15 trillion yen dimension. However, there were a lot of answers of contents of the countermeasure with "The item is insufficient though well the budget size" with 36 companies. A lot of opinions to request "Tax cut for business and enterprise" as a measure that the government had to take were sent.

Most enterprises stood out in relief and the tried realities also stood out in relief against regular member's employment maintenance.

The investigation is an implementation lingua in 17-23.

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