According to the advertisement of Ministry of Finance in Japan
I hear that it is a man that Japanese women requests from the marriage partner who is operating assets by the government bond.

Ministry of Finance was a start as the new product of Japanese government bonds for individual last week as for the offering of fixed rate type government bond "Fixation 3" at three maturities of year.
To free paper「Is the boy who can have the government bond ..woman.. Motel??」It took and a title lingua large-scale advertisement was published.
The woman of the blooming age of five people appears in the advertisement, and one person (27 years old) in that :.
「A serious person of the master in the future is good for money. The gambler is NG. 」It talks. 

The purpose of Ministry of Finance's putting out such an advertisement is for the debt of the country to become the highest in the past, and to appeal to the inside and the people for the supply of the government bond to try to exceed demand the government bond purchase. The Naoto Kan incoming Prime Minister showed the view that a thereupon financial reconstruction was not able to be done even if novel amount of government bonds issued was controlled to 44.3 trillion yen or less in the assumption interview on the eighth.

Former announcer Junko Kubo of NHK was appointed, and the advertisement was put on the posterior sinus seat of the taxi in the campaign aiming at the retiree who had started last August though this advertisement made "Boy" a target.
The actress and Mr. light snow who had co-starred with Tom Cruise had been appointed to movie "Last Samurai" in 2003 in the campaign ahead of that.

The senior interest rate strategist and Christian Careyo of Societe Generale described this campaign, "Feeling of desperation", and showed the perception with "Do not seem to become a strategy that attracted the individual investor".

- Desperation
Japanese government bonds for individual can be bought from 10,000 yen in a familiar financial institution and the post office according to the advertisement.
Ministry of Finance had appointed kabuki actor Koshiro Matsumoto and Mr. Hagem Fujiwara of the model in the campaign for the government bond of 02 years.

According to Ministry of Finance, the debt balance in the country of the end of fiscal year 2009 went up to the the greatest with 882,923,500,000,000 yen for the government bond, the borrowing, and the treasury bill together in the past.
This ministry became on the eighth and the bid-to-cover ratio became a low level since April, 2.25 times and 04 years in the bidding of the government bond with 30 implementation lingua annual interests.

The source

Japan is good country!
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Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will aim at the commercialization by using the energy of the solar heat in around the coming year including the experiment on the heating and cooling system for the office building where the emission of carbon dioxide was suppressed.

It is done in Biru of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. in Kawasakishi Nakaharaku, and the experiment collects the heat of the suns by using 48 panels set up in the rooftop, and uses the energy for the air conditioning.
A stable driving becomes possible by supplementing with the town gas on the day when the weather such as rain is bad.

It is assumed that the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced more than the air conditioning only of the town gas by 18% on the average, and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will commercialize in around the coming year, and promote the sales to the school and the hospital besides the office building.

Manager Takeshi Yokoyama of the air conditioning technology group of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. is speaking, "The government and the municipality are requesting the reduction of carbon dioxide from the enterprise, and the demand for the air conditioning equipment using the energy of nature will rise in the future".

Electric Power-related Industry, and the development of merchandise that considers the environment as the development of the air conditioning equipment that reduces the emission of carbon dioxide is hardened by decreasing the consumption of the electric power is a focus, too.

Disclosure preliminary report of * Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. stock price Http://

Japan is good country!
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