Those during the 11th and Golden Week (April 30th - May 6th) who came to a store were about 26,000 people to the prefecture as for new antenna shop "Delicious Yamagata plaza" of the prefecture that had opened in Tokyo and Ginza at the end of April, and it was announced that sales had mounted up to about 10 million yen. The prefecture that assumes the sales target at current year to be 380 million yen is pleased , saying that "Pickup more than the expectation".

Those who come to a store including the person only of the visit are about 3700 day people on the average and about 26,000 people in total according to the prefecture.

Eating house "Yamagata Sandandero" of the second floor visits by business only of lunch by 90 day people on the average, and starts dinner on the 12th. In of the first floor, when the perishable foods such as edible wild plants is popular, it is Iu.

Moreover, when the point corresponding to the purchased amount is straightened, those who join about "Yamagata fan club" in which the specialty of the prefecture can be gotten are about 800 people.

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