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Groping and worry : to two route axle. "Demand"

"Cannihoncai sea and rail plan" to carry large size container to Russian inland by railway and ship.
To examine whether the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port was able to be used, the prefecture post the research expenditure to the this year's budget for the first time.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is February last year and the opportunity is a provided posture in the Tohoku region as the demonstration experiment is done in the Akita port (Akitashi).  ..rise.. do not miss it

- It investigates also in the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port.

Containers are collected from the metropolitan area and the Nakagyo circle for Mt. Tomisan Prefecture in the railway, it moves to the ship in the terminal in Mt. Tomisan Shinminato in the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port, and it transports it from Far Eastern Russia to the inland by Trans-Siberian Railway according to the prefecture harbors section. The car related industry also expects of this route that uses Trans-Siberian Railway, and the activation of the port can be hoped for if becoming the base of writing and growth international distribution for the shear of ..saying.. Ro.

The difficulty is how to connect the terminal with the railway in the prefecture.

It goes from JR Takaoka Station to Eki in the Himi line when an existing railway is used, and there is a route that uses the new Minato line of the jr freight that diverges from Eki to the Oyabe River right side shore. However, the new Minato line cuts on the north side of the Takaoka goods station in the vicinity of Takaokashi Yoshihisa 1 the railway track, places Shogawa to the terminal, and the distance of 3 kilometer degree remains.

There is a method of using another and Man'yousen. Man'yousen is connected directly with the place with the terminal unlike the new Minato line. However, when the goods train with weight is operated, strength of the bedsill that supports the rail and problems of the noise and the oscillating, etc. remain according to the Man'yousen company limited (Takaokashi) etc.The knot of the tight curve and JR is difficulties, and "Large-scale reinforcement is necessary though it is possible to run. "

Besides this, there is an idea that paves a new beltline railway from the Hokuriku line to the Mt. Tomisan Shinminato district, too.

The construction investment with a big any route is necessary. In the investigation, whether such "Cost" hangs how much becomes an important factor.

The experiment of the diplomatic relation ministry and there was Akita seaside railway Kitasen where the port ran up to 08 Toshiharu soon in nearby only for the freight for the Akita port that had been used, and it loaded a shipment and there was an advantage "For a moment ..scissors of the harbor road.. ..100 meters.." (Akita Prefecture harbors airport section) up to the substituted experiment ground.

As for the long distance transport with the railway, the (2) transportation cost with a little exhaust of the (1) carbon dioxide is more possible than the car such as trailers, and generally, there is no low (3) congestion and the regular time transport is more possible. ――There is Mellit.

However, a lot of automobile industry that is ships from the Nagoya port etc. on the Pacific Ocean side, and the unknown number whether to choose the Far Eastern route that uses not a route conventionally at the time of carry to a Russian inland via Suez Canal but Trans-Siberian Railway.

Also in Akita where plan Promotion Council Congress was established in union local economic circles and administration, the worry about the the greatest is whereabouts of demand. A concrete outlook for the collection of cargo of the freight specifies the Akita chamber of commerce and industry in which it serves as the secretariat opaque, "The economic situation changes, and it has the common view that the development of the field other than the car are necessary".

The amount of handling of the Akita port and the container remains even if there is demand for the Far Eastern route and the fight with the rival port such as Niigata ports near the metropolitan area remains the twice or more the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port. The prefecture harbors section is "Should do the question whether the demand by way of Mt. Tomisan is first Aruka very. "The research expenditure is five million yen. It is thought that it summarizes it in the report within the year.

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It became like 233 according to "Carrier's bankruptcy trend examination" that Teikoku Data Bank announced on June 18 as for transportation proprietor's number of bankruptcies in 2009(January - May), and 72 billion 234 million yen as for liabilities.

Carrier's number of bankruptcies in April, 2009 is 58, and most log since April, 2005 of the amendment lingua ..the object of the bankruptcy total.. during month. After December, 2008(52), 50 number of bankruptcies's having reached the stand : after an interval of four months. It was generated by 43 in May, and it became the this moon proportion increase of the previous year of serial by this for 27 months since March, 2007. 2008 year is 40.7 while 2005 year is 25.7 when the number of bankruptcies of the average is seen for one month, and 2006 year is 24.7, and it exists in the abundance pattern as 46.6 as for 2009 every year.

Liabilities change in the level-off. 310 million yen in 281.3 million yen and 2009 in 2008 while 2005 year is 329.5 million yen comparing one bankruptcy average indebtedness, and 2006 year is 367.6 million yen. A large-scale bankruptcy doesn't happen frequently, and the bankruptcy of a small and medium-sized dimension is a mainstream though number of bankruptcies is in the abundance pattern. It changes to the this moon proportion setback of the previous year in April of the same year though the this moon proportion previous year increase from September, 2008 to March, 2009 by serial for seven months.

It doesn't relate to the number of bankruptcies setback though the light oil wholesale price changed to the crash after peaking in August, 2008. The bankruptcy that assumes "The order is a drastic setback lingua from the depression of the cargo movement by the recession" to be a reason has increased from 2008 to 2009 though there were a lot of "Financing failure by the fuel cost sudden rise" from 2007 to 2008.

- Teikoku Data Bank"Carrier's bankruptcy trend"

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The special countermeasure law to which the fare regulation is hardened again passes by the unanimous approval in the House of Councilors plenary session at the morning of the 19th to multiply the brake by a low-priced competition of the taxi fare, and it approves.
The taxicab industry to suffer from the over-competition is considered, and the regulation is strengthened again though the fare regulation has been alleviated in stages after 1993. The conference by proprietors also makes the number control possible in the region where the number of the taxi increases too much. It is scheduled to be enforced on October 1.

If Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport provides the upper limit and the lower limit of each various place district, and the fare motion stays within this range, the taxi fare is authorized. However, there was a case authorized by the case-by-case screening even in case of the fare motion that fell below lower limit, and a part of "Cheap" competition intensified in the region.

Therefore, the deletion of the objection "One not exceeded" now according to Law on Special Measures on Land for the U.S. Military though a present road transport law defines about the criterion for validation of the taxi fare, "One that the one that modest profits were added to proper cost is not exceeded". An unjustified cheap fare decided to be regulated.

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Tokushima Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture announced that the passenger car fare of the Namhae ferry that connected the Tokushima port and the Wakayama port was adjusted to 1000 yen in one way contingent on staying in either prefecture on the 12th. Schedule during half a year from summer vacation.
It is assumed that it wants to promote the use of the ferry that fights hard by the discount of holiday of the expressway toll, and to tie to an increase of the tourist.

Tokushima Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture plan as a social experiment.
Liang Province and the Namhae ferry bear 300 million yen of the charge for 100 million yen.
Tokushima Prefecture is scheduled to allot "Local revitalization and economic crisis countermeasure temporary grant" included in the additional budget in fiscal year 2009.

The passenger car fare of one adult crowd is 9300 yen in case of the ferry from Tokushimashi to Wakayamashi.
On the other hand, there were 6,000 yen or more Yasui case though it took Time Required a lot of about one hour in the discount introduction of holiday of automatic fare collection system (ETC) use car though the highspeed fee between both cities was almost the same as the ferry up to now, too.

According to the Namhae ferry, about 30 percent decrease of 4 of the passenger cars and the number of use in May compared with the weekend of the same time last year.
Management section head Takashi Nishio「The way things are going, there may be a operating crisis, too. I am average last year or want to do to a number of users any more. 」It expects it of the countermeasure solving.

The source
 Namhae ferry Http://www.nankai-ferry.co.jp/

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Tombow Pencil Co. (Tokyo and north) announced that they put new product "Mono-P.S." of the amendment tape that was able to be peeled off easily even if it put it once on the 22nd on the market on July 1. The tape peels off when the amendment tape is light and it rubs with the projection in the main body back, and it is restorable in the state before ..amending... The tool such as cutter knives was not used, it answered Rei tape Oki, and it answered the voice that it wanted to peel off.

The adoption of elastic plastic in the material of the tape stripping. When the amendment tape was made to be able to be peeled off without the paper string's softly making the best use of features of the stiff material from the amendment tape, too and damaging paper, it is Iu.

The width of the tape is three modalities (2.5 millimeters, 4.2 Miri, and 5 Miri), and has both of length of the six meters. The price is 252 yen.
It aims at sales of 1.6 million pieces year from the sale.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/sangyo/20090622AT3K2200I22062009.html * press release http://www.tombow.com/corporate/press/090622.  

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Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. announced that they entered the recycling business of the precious metal jewelry in full scale on the 18th. Tanaka judges precisely because of X rays, and buys the jewelry by the price basis of the uniform whole country though is specified opaque etc. of the purchase basis as for the precious metal recycling marketplace. It is an aim to use a scarce precious metal effectively by marking down "The second urban mine" that sleeps in chest of drawers, and using it for the exhaust catalyst of the cellular phone of parts and cars again.

Purchase is started on the "GINZA TANAKA" company store where the precious metal jewelry is sold, 29 stores of the special agent in the whole country in total, and 23. Money of the grade more than constancy or platinum, and it is a silver ring, a necklace, and a medal, etc. that become an object.
The jewel etc. of the attachment return to the client, and buy only the precious metal.
The staff first measures the quality of the jewelry by eyes and, in addition, the modality and the grade of an internal material are measured on the confirmation lingua because of the X-ray fluorescence.
The purchase price is decided referring to the marketplace purchase price such as bullion, and is a dissemination in the homepage every morning. It divides from the grade 37.5% or more to 100% into ten stages for money, and the price a g that contains the commission is decided.

When the judge method is various, and the collection basis etc. of the commission are also unclear, it is Iu according to Tanaka's estimate though there is a trader who is recycling the precious metal jewelry in 10,000 whole countries or more such as the ground metal quotients and pawn-shops.

Ikedashuu Director-General in the this company precious metal part is speaking, "It wants to use resources to be asleep by chest of drawers effectively, and to attempt the circulation of scarce precious metal resources".

Uniform standard http://www.business-i.jp/news/kinyu-page/news/200906190017a.nwc in the X rays of Tanaka precious metal jewelry recycling entry appraised price.

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Furukawa Sky reorganizes the production of aluminium plates used for the car and the electronic part. Rolling equipment in one and the sunlight shop (Tochigi Prefecture) at the main factory etc. will be stopped by 2013, and production is moved to another shop. The cost is decreased for about three billion yen a year, and earning power is recovered.

The monthly production abilities of the sunlight shop are about 3000 tons of 10 percent or less of the entire this company. Operating ratio had fallen after seven Warimae. The equipment of the finishing such as the fractures of the board keeps operating in rolling equipment etc. after the lingua of the suspension. Employees in the shop are 280 people, the supernumerary has it reshuffle to another shop etc. , and the personnel reduction is not done.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/sangyo/20090611AT1D1104O11062009.html * press release http://www.furukawa-sky.co.jp/release/090611.htm * stock price information http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=5741

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Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will aim at the commercialization by using the energy of the solar heat in around the coming year including the experiment on the heating and cooling system for the office building where the emission of carbon dioxide was suppressed.

It is done in Biru of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. in Kawasakishi Nakaharaku, and the experiment collects the heat of the suns by using 48 panels set up in the rooftop, and uses the energy for the air conditioning.
A stable driving becomes possible by supplementing with the town gas on the day when the weather such as rain is bad.

It is assumed that the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced more than the air conditioning only of the town gas by 18% on the average, and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will commercialize in around the coming year, and promote the sales to the school and the hospital besides the office building.

Manager Takeshi Yokoyama of the air conditioning technology group of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. is speaking, "The government and the municipality are requesting the reduction of carbon dioxide from the enterprise, and the demand for the air conditioning equipment using the energy of nature will rise in the future".

Electric Power-related Industry, and the development of merchandise that considers the environment as the development of the air conditioning equipment that reduces the emission of carbon dioxide is hardened by decreasing the consumption of the electric power is a focus, too.

Disclosure preliminary report of http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/k10013730181000.html http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/K10037301811_01.jpg * Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. stock price Http://www.tokyo-gas.co.jp/ http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9531

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Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. etc. had an interview part with Japanese media, and described the president arroyo in the Philippines that came to Japan in Tokyo for financial stabilization that was stronger than the Asian region internal on the 20th, "Next, it might be Asian Monetary Fund (AMF) that became a discussion difficulty". The volition was shown aiming at the establishment of International Monetary Fund (IMF) of an Asian version.

"(Philippines) English teacher and IT (information technology) engineers (In Japan) should be able also to start work", it specified in relation to economic partnership agreement (EPA) on Hibi, and a further labor market opening was pressed to Japan.

The president arroyo is "Big result" and an assessment as for the mutual agreement of the enlargement of framework "Chiang Mai initiative" that accommodates the foreign currency mutually so that Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) plus 3(Japan, China, and South Korea) may prevent the finance crisis in May. It was specified that the activation of Marquette where the government and the enterprise in Asia issued the fixed income debt of the local currency construction became a difficulty in the future.

Http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/kaigai/20090620AT2M2002D20062009.html * economic partnership agreement (EPA) Http://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/gaiko/fta/

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The president Ocamurasano of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry showed the perception that there was a possibility of coming in the second place in the world that described gross domestic product (GDP) of China in the interview on the 18th, "It changed the outlook of the growth rate, and it was likely to reverse it by the end of this year (Japan)", exceeded Japan by the GDP of China of 09 years, and followed the United States.

Mr. Okamura「The age when Japan persists in the identity (identity)'Economic power in the second place in the world' ends. It is necessary to draw the appearance of the following country. 」With the indication.
A new national view was described, "It is necessary to create the controversy that aimed at 'Technology development large country' that solved worldwide problems like the environmental problem etc.".

It touched the question-time debate by Prime Minister Taro Aso who was on the 17th and representative Yukio Hatoyama of the Democratic Party, and it was described, "It stayed in an individual application, and it was regrettable though a big controversy to what kind of country it made it was expected".

The source

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Osaka foreign company attracting center (O―BIC) that made it from Osaka Prefecture and Osakashi and Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced that the attracting number of the foreign company and institution that had attracted it in the prefecture in fiscal year 2008 of the third was 28.
Establishment..high..fiscal year 2007..small..grim economic situation..inside..up to now..average..exceed.

The advancement of the enterprise that aims at the trade with the large-scale liquid crystal shop in the Osaka gulf has a smoke in fiscal year 2007.
When the delay of the budget laps because of the prefecture politics reform by first governor Toru Hashishita in fiscal year 2008 also affected the attracting activity, it is Iu.
On the other hand, when O―BIC started the promotion system of the expenditure cost at the business advance like the register of companies, the real estate rental, and the interpretation, etc. last August, the result was obtained as 11 companies used it.

The source
The perception of China's pulling out Japan by gross domestic product (GDP) within the year and surfacing to the second place in the world has extended in China.
Up to Germany is pulled out in 2007 and when the reversal phenomenon occurs in the GDP dimension if Japan falls into negative growth while China attains the growth of about 8% this year, it is Iu according to economist's trial though China that was the third place in the world.

In the growth rate comparison at the period on the January-March of this year, Japan was a setback of 4.0% while China was 6.1% increase in corresponding ratio to the previous year.

It is a professor of Qinghai University and Riineshi of the chief of a this university World economic research center to show the perception with GDP2 place surfacing.

According to Chinese paper, Mr. Lee : besides the growth rate.
(1)Consumer price index (CPI) of China rises continuously and the deflationary trend leads to Japan.
(2)The quotation of yen to the yuan declines.
It is assumed that it becomes a factor that Japan is passed by the GDP.

The US dollar commutation GDP dimension of last year's China has approached 4 trillion 348 billion dollars (4 trillion 295 billion dollars (about 406 trillion yen) and Japan).
Mr. Lee is specifying, "If China pulls out Japan by the GDP dimension, become a symbolical event psychologically and politically".

However, there is a cool perception "Even if it surfaces to the second place in the world, there is still a big difference, and Japan is any change Hanai in Chinese's poverty in the GDP a person" on the net, too.

Overseas total of the base was dropped from the preceding fiscal year by not 41 small places but 185 places and about 20 percent, and fell below 200 places according to the in-situ survey of the activity of the foreign operation of the enterprise in the road of fiscal year 2008 that Japanese trade promotion mechanism (Japan External Trade Organization) Hokkaido trade information center brought together.
From preceding fiscal year to low 4 point 34% in manufacture ratio that occupies it to 63 places and the whole

Rapid economic environment progression of the disease since the last autumn is received, and the amount of orders received decreases suddenly to manufacture the road a lot internal.
When the example of closing overseas office administration to recover a domestic production, and going bankrupt the company has increased, it is Iu.
The advance of the cost such as employment cost and primary materials also affected it in the Chinese coast part to which the enterprise in a lot of roads was advancing.

On the other hand, the base establishment by the eating house and the real estate industry tends to increase corresponding to the service demand for the Japanese food boom and the overseas Japanese and Japanese Company.
For instance, the abb out (Sapporoshi and president Shinichi Kikuta) that developed ramen chain "Yamazu fire" opened a store in Sun US Diego (California state) last April.

The source
Osakashi understands and it has been understood that the prospect of starting constructing has not looked up yet as the rebuilding construction of "Abeno pedestrian bridge" of JR Tennoji previous Station that was the schedule of starting constructing repeats a bidding of three times the slump in fiscal year 2008. , saying that "Do not become business on the profit" because the introducing oneself trader doesn't show up though a novel design that decorates 〈 south door 〉of the city is generated publicity. When it enters a new tender procedure in July after discussing the estimated price review, the city is Iu. Does 〈 honesty of the fourth times 〉of the exception become it?――。

The pedestrian bridge is set up in 1965. JR Tennoji Station is connected with Kintetsu Department Store etc. , and about 50,000 day people use it. However, the weariness advances, also to the road widening according to a peripheral redevelopment business, and rebuilding has been decided. The city is an adoption lingua when advertising for the design and the design, and seeing in December, '07 as for the unique feature idea seen the shape of same "a" as the initial of Abeno.

The bidder is 0 in August, '08.  the public announcement lingua of the open bidding in the method joint venture (JV) ..the prior making the estimated price 1.38 billion yen (net of tax) public..October..enterprise..unit..participation..do..mixed mode..renew..width..viaduct..experience of construction..pons..today..angle..manufacturer..for..rebidding..implementation..lingua..again..respond..trader..provide.In addition, the contractor did not show up still though the qualification requirements of the experience of construction were abolished in the bidding of the third times in January this year.

The city is an implementation such as the pons manufacturers because it analyzes the cause of a bidding the slump as for the interview. As a result, large-scale construction is necessary the preliminary survey, and when the condition is severe, and the answer with "Do not come to an agreement at all with the estimated price when the overhead is included" commanded a majority as the limit at nighttime etc. , Iu because there is a lot of traffic of the car, and in the site, is an underground shopping center, too as for the method of the traffic control and the piling etc.

Being postponed after 11 fiscal years is inevitable though it aimed at the completion of ..city.. pedestrian bridge at ten fiscal years.  a bidding that happens one after another the slumpThe city is suggesting the review , saying that "Aruka doesn't know the part not suitable for the realities either" though the estimated price has been decided on the basis of the multiplication basis of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Present Abeno pedestrian bridge of image chart http://osaka.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20090602-043986-1-L.jpg in rebuilt Abeno pedestrian bridge of http://osaka.yomiuri.co.jp/news/20090602-OYO1T00675.htm * image
"Meeting for the automobile industry accumulation" (Ma Takuya Iwate Prefectural governor of Chairman of the Board of Trustees) made from industry, government and university of the inside and Tohoku 6 prefecture where automobile industry exists in the tough going is the 4th.   The general assembly was held in Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata in Yamagatashi, and the policy of promoting making of Tohoku a production base was decided by the approach etc. corresponding to the next-generation technology such as hybrid vehicles that had expanded demand.

The cooperation of the inter-firm of the unit and the modulation of parts that are the difficulties is hardened through the academic activity by an advancement manufacturer and a regional enterprise etc.

The Central car and the Toyota northeast engine plant of the Toyota system automotive assembly subsidiary come one after another to Fukushima Prefecture Denso, compress advancement into Miyagi Prefecture in the accumulation of automobile industry in Tohoku, and getting cold progression of the disease of the economic situation of the assertion lingua one and the auto market etc. are compressed into the investment.   There was an impression to which "Fair wind" before was becoming weak as starting constructing was postponed.

The infusion lingua hybrid vehicle becomes a light as Honda (Toyota) comes one after another on the other hand, and movement to seem to move up the operating season has come out from vehicle battery charger manufacturer Panasonic EV energy of the advancement schedule in Miyagi Prefecture. The one that new policy of coordinated meeting also received these movements.
Ma Chairman of the Board of Trustees stressed the possibility that the hybrid vehicle and the environmental correspondence car become pulling the marketplace and the related industry, called by the greeting of the general assembly, "It was necessary to harden the cooperation of six prefectures only at severe time", and governor Mieko Yoshimura also stressed the materiality of the automobile industry promotion with wide skirts of a mountain.

It opens in October, the theme is squeezed to the technology that the cost reduction and lightening, etc. are requested, and the trade business talk association that holds it in Toyota Motor in the aichi prefecture appeals in the action planning this year at current year.
Moreover, the unit made easy to combine parts that the individual firm handles and to deliver to the other party.
・It aims at concrete trial manufacture development etc. by receiving the situation to which the approach of the modulation is not advanced, and setting up the society by the advancement manufacturer and the enterprise.

- Source
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that they began the purchase substitution of the environmental correspondence car and the motion acceptance of a supplementary system to purchase on the 19th on the second.

It goes back to the purchase after April 10 when economic measures was announced by the one that the additional budget approval was received in fiscal year 2009 of the government and it applies.

The motion is done through the shop that bought the new car.

A new system assists 250,000 yen with the passenger car when an old car that 13 years or more pass from the first enrollment is made a disused car, and it newlies buy it to the car that fills the environmental quality standard and assists 125,000 yen with the light car. The greatest 1.8 million yen's supply for the purchase substitution for the track and Bath where the environmental quality standard was filled. When the disused car eco-friendly car is bought newly, the the greatest 900,000 yen is provided by 100,000 yen and the light car in 50,000 yen and track Bath in the passenger car.

- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Motion receipt start of buying and purchase assistance to environmental correspondence car"  Http://www.meti.go.jp/press/20090602006/20090602006.html

- Source
It was the 28th clarified that the group general merchandise specialty store and Sapporo Loft that accompanied though seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings of the retail major decided the policy of closing the Sapporo branch of Seibu Department Store of the subsidiary (Sapporo Seibu), and established it as an annex also closed the store at the same time.
Time of closing the store is expected to become this autumn.

The Sapporo branch of Seibu opened a store in the presence by the Daimaru Sapporo branch, and was deprived of the customers.
Another and Marui Imai, Mitsukoshi, and Tokyu Department Store were competing in the Sapporoshi core, and it was judged, "The business recovery was difficult even if it kept sustaining it as a department store", and decided the policy of closing the store.
Therefore, Sapporo Loft that is as a tenant at the Sapporo branch will also close the store at the same time.

Sapporo Loft opens in March, '97. Healthy general merchandise, the interior, and the utensil, etc. are treated, and it is popular around the young person. When the store decided to be closed because it manages it as Loft together with next Sab though bottom line is a comparatively buoyant condition, it is Iu.

Seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. includes ..business conditions conversion.. Kao and discusses the correspondence in the future.  whether to sell off two horn plants and buildings at the Sapporo branchIt is discussed to wait for a concrete strategy to harden, only for Loft to search for the place, and to resume business.

In the Sapporo branch of Seibu, long-established (shop of old standing) department store and Gobankan in local dealers that queue up with Marui Imai are antecedents.
"Gobankan red brick hall" was set up on the seventh floor of Loft, and Seibu left the name though the billhead of Gobankan disappeared in 97 years that opened newly as a Sapporo branch of Seibu.
The name of Gobankan seems to be going to disappear both nominally and virtually by closing the Sapporo branch.

- Sapporo Loft to which it is clarified to close the store

- Http://www.7andi.com ..../seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings code/3382

- Sapporo Loft http://www.loft.co.jp/shop/sapporo/index.htm

- Source
The person who bought the energy saving consumer electronics was a new system that was able to get "Eco-point" that was able to be used with the following shopping, and the government announced the number of points of each merchandise on the 12th.

It corresponds in the the greatest in the television for the ground digital.  36,000 yenThe outlook where a part of gift certificate in addition to the energy saving related product is included though the Kano detail that can use the point for what has not been decided yet.

The object of the point giving is merchandise bought after the 15th, and table lingua "Unification Ministry Enerabel" and the condition of the energy saving performance in five stars more than the star four. However, a part such as refrigerators of 400 liters or less in capacity contains the merchandise of three-star. The mark of "Eco-point object merchandise" that the government provided is a mark. There are 12 kinds of numbers of points of each sizes of merchandise, and one point is 1 cyclotomy.
The expiration date is an outlook and Iu who becomes the end of March in '12.

The subscription will be received from the proprietor who provides merchandise in the future, it examines in the independent committee, and the exchange-couple elephant of the point decides it by the end of June if it is early. Direction and Iu who includes pre-paid card such as gift certificates that publisher besides merchandise that considers environment is donating to environmental business.

It is necessary to book the restraint of the receipt, the written guarantee, and the consumer electronics recycling ticket to understand the purchase shop and the product and the purchaser name on the purchase day though the method of the motion is also undecided. The exchange start is ..expectation.. Iu of about summer.

The eco-point is a system introduced as the energy saving consumer electronics purchase promotion hangs as part of the economic crisis countermeasure. 290 billion yen is post to the supplementary budget bill.

- Diagram

- Source

The department concerneds of the eco-point are three reflecting (the environment, multipara, and administration).
The material two points that Ministry of the Environment announced today are excerpted sooner or later.

【 public offering consequence of group by use of eco-point in implementation of green consumer electronics spread promotion business ]  Http://www.env.go.jp/press/press.php?serial=11188

When it has the period of the public offering of the group by the use of the eco-point in the implementation of the green consumer electronics spread promotion business from Friday, May 1, 2009 to Thursday, May 21, 2009 and the public offering was done, there were seven subscriptions in the secretariat (henceforth "Secretariat. ") that did the management etc. of the system concerning the eco-point to the corporation (henceforth "Fund installation person. ") that set up and managed the fund that the government made by the consignment from 2 and the fund installation person.

I will inform that the following applicants were adopted about the proposal with the subscription through the review in the external valuation committee by an external specialist.

- Adoption proprietor

- Fund installation person/general corporate juridical person environmental partnership meeting
- Secretariat/green consumer electronics spread promotion consortium(company limited Dentsu, TOPPAN PRINTING CO.,LTD., company limited JP direct media, and company limited JP distribution Partners, Bellsystem24 Inc., and TRANS COSMOS Inc.)

【 offering such as eco-point exchange merchandise) in green consumer electronics spread promotion business by use of eco-point ]  Http://www.env.go.jp/press/press.php?serial=11189

Various merchandise etc. that were able to be exchanged for the eco-point were assumed to do the first offering of the exchange merchandise of the eco-point and the providing proprietor along dissemination lingua "Basic idea such as the exchange merchandise" on May 12 this year. It is scheduled to do periodically after this offering about the offering such as the exchange merchandise.

1.Object of offering
-  Gift certificate and pre-paid card
-  Regional product providing proprietor
-  Excellent product providing proprietor in energy saving and environmental consideration

2.Subscription period/Monday, June 1 -  17 o'clock Thursday, June 11
3.It accepts by mailing, FAX, and method of submission/E-mailing the subscription document.
4.Please see the attached paper about detail/detail of the offering.
5.Window 0570―068-800 for inquiries/green consumer electronics Ecopoint

- It reports on the Yomiuri Shimbun about "Offering such as the eco-point exchange merchandise" of supplementation/second eye.

"Eco-point" system to which the point that can be exchanged for the gift certificate etc. attaches starts when the energy saving consumer electronics is bought and it for two weeks. In the television and the refrigerator, sales of a point high, large-scale product has expanded to twice or more at the previous year. The doubt "Is it really good for the environment?" greatly remains in power consumption though there seems to be a constant effect as economic measures in large-scale.

The numbers of sales of the thin-screen TV in April changed according to research company BCN because of the expansion of the proportion about 20% of the previous year on the average. It expands and two weeks from May 15 to the 28th when the system started have expanded by about 70 percent in corresponding ratio to the previous year. Especially, sales of a large-scale television more than 46 types with high point : to 2.2 times.
"Sales of a large-scale television accelerated with the eco-point" (BCN) and Iu.

Popularity gathers in the refrigerator large-scale. The numbers of sales of the chest freezer of 501 liters or more every two weeks from the 11th has expanded to twice or more corresponding period of the last year according to research company GfK Japan.
The expansion of the entire refrigerator between synchronization was about 10%.

One point corresponds to one yen in this system. Three time 36,000 point more than 46 types while attaching to 32 types and 26 types of the well selling by 12,000 points for the television. The refrigerator also has 3000-10,000 points and differences depending on the nominal size of pump. It can be thought as obtaining to buy the large one as an user.
The voice with "Even buying for an excellent product in the energy saving performance and substituting it are not' that the one of a needless nominal size of pump is bought and power consumption increases" is also persistent.

This time, the proposal to reduce the burden of the household related to child's high education.

The proportion of the education expense burden that occupies it to the household of Japan in the main 12 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries is a level in 2nd place following South Korea of 22% and 30%. On the other hand, the Netherlands is 5% when saying in the low country, and Denmark is 4%. In addition, South Korea is pulled out, and the burden rate of Japan comes in 53% and 1st place in the high education after the period of the compulsory education.

The household burden of the high education is large in Japan because the college tuition keeps going up.
For instance, delivery money is reaching too much for 800,000 yen in total about the tuition 500,000 yen and the entrance fee 300,000 yen now at the first year of National Universities that was less than 100,000 yen until the first half of the 70's. When the income group is divided into five stages, this delivery money reaches 26% of annual earnings of the first low stage. The gap of a burden four times every 7% in the household in the fifth highest stage near is caused.

And, a high household burden gives birth to the following evils.
(1)The household that fears the education expense burden doesn't bear the child, and the falling birthrate is invited.
(2)It leads to the gap fixation differing even if the entering college rate according to the income stage is the same result.
(3)A heavy education expense burden to the household presses other spendings, and domestic demand stagnation is caused.

Therefore, I propose the following two.
(1)School expenses and the entrance fee as big as state or public : to the sliding scale system corresponding to the income.
(2)The benefit type scholarship is increased for private Oo.

(1)It peels off, The University of Tokyo has already adopted a part of ,, and it exempts from tuition of the student at home of less than annual earnings four million yen. (2)It has, it is said by the foreign country of Sho Grant, and the scholarship without the repayment obligation is increased, and there is figure ..the evil cancellation... University students are 2.5 million people now. When 500,000 yen a year is assisted to the student of 20% by the immunity and the scholarship of school expenses, necessary financial resources are 250 billion yen sooner or later. I think that no impossible amount when thinking about Valence with other public investments etc.

It is thought that the following can be achieved if it does so.

(1)Relaxation of falling birthrate. The charge of the high education is reduced, and the wall of the third person is broken.
(2)The child of the low-income household comes to be able also to go on to school, and it contributes to the gap correction.
(3)Cutting down the education expense burden leads to the increasing domestic demand.

It is necessary to solve various difficulties at the same time to only money insufficient, the press of a healthy competition for intercollegiate, You bet it is improving the education effect, and learning of the low-income household the possibility of entering college, etc. , too.

However, I feel that it is strong with the occasion to which the education is received as children are equivalent should, and it thinks the lowering the price of the high education for that to be indispensable the birth in what kind of home. Please how should be done the education investments to children in the whole society, and send the opinion to jp every day. (- Kazuyo = economic analyst)

- Source http://mainichi.jp/life/housing/news/20090517ddm013100041000c.html
It has been understood that the Kyushu dairy product industry (Oitashi) requested the president dispatch to the prefecture that invests for the management reconstruction from coverage to the prefecture. Choosing a suitable person is advanced centering on executive OB, and the outlook of the prefecture elected in general meetings of stockholders on the 25th. After receiving the capital increase of 200 million yen from the prefecture dairy farming cooperative association of head of shareholders (same city), the Kyushu dairy product industry requests the adjustment to request the debt waiver from the financial institution to Resolution and Collection Corp. (RCC).

This company is Oitashi internal new factory construction such as prefectures etc. that operated in dropping the milk consumption, the sudden rise of the material price, and 2000 and the management situation is progression of the diseases. The total debt is an outlook where it mounts up to about 14.6 billion yen.

The prefecture dairy farming association decided the capital increase by the extraordinary general meeting on May 27. This company requests the capital contribution to the local company.
The president's dispatch was requested from the Hirase Catssada governor to clarify the management responsibility along with the support request in a day. Policy of receiving it in correspondent financial institution as director for human support.

"Gandhi farm" of the subsidiary management that is the tourist spot (Oita Prefecture Taketashi) is discussed in the direction that includes transfer of business and continues.

This company receives the capital contribution of 12.5%(196 million yen) from the prefecture, and is processing about 90% of the raw milk produced inside a prefecture.

- Kyushu dairy product industry http://www.kyusyu-nyugyo.co.jp/

- Birthplace Ghanzi farm http://www.guernsey-farm.net of Golden milk/

- Source
Tintocmei (Min Zehnder) Director-General in the Chinese commercial affairs part described in the seat of the conference concerning the 2nd daytime opened in Tokyo on the seventh economic, high-level conversation on June 2, 2009, "It is hoped that the Japanese Government aggressively made the export of the high tech product for China". The Chinese newspaper net told it.

A Chinese government is assuming that it introduces the administrative instruction to add the IT security product to the object of China compulsion authentication (CCC: China Compulsory Certification) system in May, the dissemination and ten years on April 29.
Chin Director-General objects that Japan is strongly repulsing it to this , saying that "The compulsion authentication system agrees with the accord concerning Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO/TBT accord)".
It was stressed, "China did not come out from Japan in the valid publication of a Chinese government the dissenting opinion though WTO also had to fil the draft to WTO secretariat in 07, and to have put out the directive to each country such as Japan at any time either".

Chin Director-General also became an adjournment for one year from May this year the implementation of the CCC system, attached to the narrowing calositas also the object scope, described, "Consequence to which the intention of Japan was maximum esteemed", and requested "Sincere conversation" from Japan.

The source
It has been decided that "Edo whole country festival" of Chiyoda Ward that has been held in commemoration of 400 years in the Edo open prefecture at the every other year since 2003 is discontinued this year. The Ishikawa Miyabiono chief of a ward described in the ward assembly of opening a meeting on the fifth, "It was judged that socioeconomic circumstances had to be severe, and to cancel the festival this autumn".

The Kanda festival and the Sanno festival of the tradition are called seeing "Whole country festival" from the receiving calositas supra, connect the general to the calositas among gorgeous Toshiro Satoe et al., and, up to now, have held the Edo whole country festival.  three times
The float (put out) that remains in local and the vicinity prefecture and the portable shrine (prospect) tour from Hibiyakoen to Palace Plaza, it reproduces at that time, and it has aimed at the sightseeing promotion by the history of Edo and sending the culture.

Participation resident's burden was large because it became the same holding of year as this festival of a Kanda festival once in two years, and the voice to request the review of holding year and the hall came out of the fact that the hall was away from the residential quarter. The budget size was about 200 million yen, and the criticism with "Waste of the tax" had been received also in the ward assembly. Moreover, worry in which support money of the enterprise to which the budget almost occupied half the price did not gather either had gone out because of the depression.

The district thinks the aim of the new shape restart though it discontinues this year. The Ishikawa chief of a ward is describing, "I want to discuss the polarity immediately together with the inhabitants of a ward, the affiliate in the provincial city, and the specialist".

- Pattern of past Edo whole country festival

- Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo--What is the Edo whole country festival?

- Source
The proposal (statement) for budgetary process located government finance in the country to "Extremely crisis", and requested continuation in the financial reconstruction route in fiscal year 2010 that Zaisasadohitoshi council brought together on the third.
However, the idea of perceiving flexible correspondence was suggested in the control of the cost of social security with a strong criticism.

It is certain that it refrains from House of Representatives election for the next term, and the pressure of the government expenditure increase rises in the government party, and becomes strong the route of the financial reconstruction opaqueness.

The idea that it was necessary to set a new numerical target to the description, "It wanted the idea of steady to secure the budget discipline to be shown concretely in 'Basic policy 2009 of the economic goods politics reform (large-boned policy)'", and ..chairman Daizo of conference lingua Nishimuro.. cuts in expenditures ..under Prime Minister Aso's leadership.. was blotted.

In the proposal, the government policy of controlling the natural increase of the cost of social security for 220 billion yen every year was assumed to be "It is necessary to sustain a basic polarity".
However, last year's proposal shows the figure "1.1 trillion yen for five years", it compares ..the request of control.., and there is an impression to which the expression becomes weak. It is because the decay etc. of the doctor deficiency and the emergency medical service were made a social issue.

The pressure of the government expenditure increase seems to rise because of the public service and the education, etc. in the future because the control of the cost of social security was a symbol of the spending reform.

Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi attended the economic forum opened in Saint Petersburg in Russia on the fifth, and showed a critical perception about the additional budget , saying that "The plus now rebounds as a deficit in the future" in fiscal year 2009 of the aggregate amount about 14 trillion yen that the Diet passed at the end of last month.

In addition, it was specified, "The debt that issued government bonds to pass the budget than all tax revenues next year will increase in Japan" and described, "Become a country that borrowed money most in the worlds".

The approach of the political power is criticized concerning right or wrong of the second supplementary budget bill in fiscal year 2008 that becomes financial resources of flash benefit money, and there is an assertion lingua details the intention of absence from the vote on the House of Representatives plenary session when Mr. Koizumi visits Moscow in February this year.

Attorney rehabilitation administrator Yasuyuki Nakai announced that it had a press conference in Osaka City Office on the fourth, and the receivables aggregate amount such as the lock-in lingua financial institutions became about 64 billion 767 million yen on the basis of the corporation reorganization law third sector "Osaka World Trade Center building (WTC)" of Osakashi following a procedure for corporate reorganization.
It was clarified that there were plural subscriptions in the Biru purchase.

There was a report up to the report time limit until May 15 from 46 creditors besides eight financial institutions according to this attorney.
In the break-down of the lock-in exposure, the financial claim person amount that undertakes the loss compensation from the city to the financial institution is about 49.1 billion yen, the advance excluding the financial institution is about 9.5 billion yen, the deposit with landlord receivables is about 4.9 billion yen, and the lease receivable is about 1.2 billion yen, etc.

The clarification lingua , saying that "There is a subscription from plural people, and it has both proper backdrops and financial ability" though the subscription situation to the Biru purchase that becomes the nucleus of the rehabilitation plan was not mentioned to a detailed name of the company. It will decide supporting ahead by middle of August.

The source
The fifth time Great Bear Ichishin trunk line city planning citizens meeting (chapter of Nagano chairman) was held in the city synthesis cultural center on the 26th, and the citizens result of the questionnaire to which the key word that related to "Nature" occupied the epistatic was announced about the design image around new Hakodate Station (tentative name). The city is scheduled to decide the design concept idea based on these in September.

The citizens questionnaire did for the Great Bear citizens of random sampling lingua 18 years old or more and the student etc. at eight schools in the junior high school and the high school of the city in February, and obtained 588 answers.

The design image of the entire street around the station including the station is asked with the liberty narrative form, the key word is extracted from the answer, and it classifies it. Three epistatic was "Sense of relief" of "Nature" of "Green and richness" of 22% and 20% and 13%, and "City" was 8%.

Moreover, it reports on the result of the questionnaire to the surrounding of the new station concerning invitation of enterprise. It dispatched to 1,120 companies of the inside and outside of the road, the answer was obtained from 179 companies, and the enterprise that showed the intention of advancement around the new station was 19%. The enterprise that did stays in 48 members of a company nine companies that answer when land required for is acquired when advancing, and the city analyzes, "Many of commercial people look for hire and sales and can look for the low and the idea of withdrawing at once ..land and plants and buildings..".

The city brings the invitation of enterprise outline plan together by the end of current year, and starts attracting in full scale at 2010 fiscal years.

The source
It became an outlook that "Large merger at the Heisei era" to press the merger to cities, towns, and villages by the country initiation ends in fiscal year 2009.
Local Government System Research Council reports it to the Prime Minister in the end of June. Cities, towns, and villages where 3232 had existed at the end of March in 1999 were almost reduced by half in 1776 and now ten years.
There is a criticism such as becoming of it the difficulty to carry resident's voice by the merger though the expansion of administrative and fiscal foundations corresponding to promotion of declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people and decentralization of power was an aim, too.

Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications bases the report of Tisei, and after ten fiscal years, the policy is converted to the support of a voluntary merger.
The extension is put off though "Merger exception new law" including a fiscal favorable treatment to cities, towns, and villages of the merger comes the time limit at the end of March in '10.
In resident's anxiety relief to the merger, the countermeasure such as putting the autonomy tela in each region on the average of the municipality continues and is perceived.

The source
The Kofushi core to which the inside and the construction rush that weak sales of the apartment house continue by the depression on a nationwide scale continue is remarkable the relief chamber. Kofushi..Marunouchi..apartment house..marketer..bankruptcy..phlegm..Shite..whole..sell in lots.If it doesn't stand, the prospect of the sales start is Iu now though it looks for the client. It is worth including the campaign to reduce the price drastic to eliminate the relief chamber in other apartment houses, and to call in the visitor. Each company has the idea to make the expansion of housing-related reductions a fair wind and to attempt the early stage absorption.

"Big uninhabited plants and buildings ..center of waiting.. have been completed. "The local self-governing body of same city Marunouchi 3 in which the apartment house that is the unlotting out is located worries about the future.
The Yokohamashi internal developer plans as the first article inside a prefecture according to the construction company in the apartment house. It is Iu when having gone bankrupt from management progression of the disease at the simulataneous period though plants and buildings were completed last January.

The agreement has not adhered on the price side according to the construction company that inherits land and plants and buildings though several companies have introduced themselves to purchase so far. The company rep「The unmoving becomes a used article because it passes longer than one and a half years. The sales price will become cheap. 」It speaks.  

The relief chamber's having come to stand out in Kofushi is two years ago according to the prefecture Society of Appraisers. The article marketed after it completes it has gone out in the same city recently though it is general to sell the apartment and lot offered for sale all when sales are started at the same time as starting constructing and it completes.

The marketer to suffer from the financing came to do a drastic discount based on the grim economic situation aiming at the early stage absorption though the quotation of the prefecture was 23 million-27 million yen in 3LDK at first. The article that falls below 20 million yen has gone out, too and "It is same as a detached condominium or is a little Yasui price according to the place" (this association) and it is Iu.

The Sanken house (Kofushi Otamachi) where high rise apartment house "Saints 25" to boast of the height of prefecture 1 to the JR Kofu Ekikita entrance had been constructed reduced the price by about 10 percent in the end of last month in 2007. It is because about 20 percent of 114 total number of houses households has become empty, and the visit number of about one month after it discounts it is 50 or more according to this company. Managing director Kiminori Ozawa speaks, "I want to sell it all early".

It is a person in charge of Cladophora sauteri (headquarters and Hiroshima prefecture) that supplies the apartment house in six houses in Kofushi that describes, "The pace of sales has dulled than before". If this company calls in the visitor to increase the agreement, sales of the article in the lotting out present including the campaign that the microwave oven, the cleaner, and the house electric appliance such as family-use game machines are hit in the lottery is Iu when it has expanded favorable.

The apartment house industry segments expect it of the expansion of housing-related reductions in the low interest rate and the country. However, the estate agent in the city also has come out also "It is an unknown number whether there is an effect of ..population of the prefecture.. desire of the level-off tending and industry segments" and a pessimistic perception.

- Kofushi Marunouchi 3 apartment house = http://www.sannichi.co.jp/local/photo/200905/20090530_04_1.jpg to which marketer fails, and uninhabited state continues

- Source

The tax revenue in the country of fiscal year 2008 ..45 trillion yen.. divided, and the budget (46 trillion 429 billion yen) after it amended it was large and it was the first clarified to be expected to fall below.

It is because of the expectation that the corporate tax astringency drops from the expectation progression of the disease pace of corporate results is more than the expectation.
There is a possibility of connecting with the issuance of additional government bonds according to a final tax revenue forehead, too. It is 3 years in a row that the tax revenue falls below the budget amount, and if the tax revenue drops below 45 trillion yen, becomes it after an interval of fiscal year 2003 (43,282,400,000,000 yen) and five years in the back.

The total tax revenue results (for the general account) are 39,293,900,000,000 yen in fiscal year 2008 April that Ministry of Finance announced on the first of the Suetoki point, and it remains in 84.6% of the budget amount. The corporate tax astringency is "The budget achievement is very severe" (Ministry of Finance) situation though reaches the lock-in value by the figure of Setokiten in May when the results announcement of the enterprise ends almost.

It is necessary to repay this to times by some methods at later years though it makes up temporarily when the tax revenue falls below the budget and it becomes a deficit in revenue by the capital that is called "Settlement adjustment fund".

Http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/atmoney/news/20090601-OYT1T01271.htm * Ministry of Finance http://www.mof.go.jp/
Hyogo Prefecture and Kobeshi where an economically big blow had been received by a new influenza announced that it started half the price and the campaign to keep free on the eighth the admission fee and admission fees of the sightseeing facility for the fourth. The aim to which the sharp decline lingua tourist is called back.

The prefecture is an early business of "Leopard tourist site refreshment campaign (tentative name)" that develops at the July-September. The end of September, from the 8th, the admission fee and admission fees (The fee of the exhibition is excluded) are made half the price in 11 places of prefectural in the sightseeing facility.

Kobeshi「Let's go. Kobe」The campaign to make the admission fee free is developed with catchphrase.
It is scheduled that the admission fee of ten municipal facilities such as Suma beach aquarium and vane chicken's pavilions is made free on July 17th - August 16th. A free opening and the half the price of the admission fee, etc. on the weekend are executed in 53 facilities (the private organization in the city and public) as a pre-campaign on 8th - 30th in June.

The attendance is good in corresponding ratio to the previous year according to the alternating current of sightseeing in the city section when there are facilities of 80 percent decrease, too.
The person in charge「Changsu over various places. I want you to come to the great number of people. 」It takes and PR is done. (Junpei Komori and Hiromitsu Kawaguchi)

【 prefecture dealings ]Person and disaster prevention futuristic center (Kobeshi) prefectural museum (same as above) young geisha sea promenade(same as above)
The person, and Harima museum (Sandashi) Cangaefl museum (Harimacho) flower center (Kasaishi) Chuokoen, rosery (Kato City) Historical Museum (On the 16th Himejishi =) Maruyama River Ooyakenosono, and museum (Toyookashi) Hyogo ceramic art museum (Sasayamashi) Awaji dream stage greenhouse of nature. (Awaji City)

【 Kobeshi dealings ]Kobe fashion museum (Higashinadaku) Mt. Rokko ranch (Nadaku) prince zoo (same as above) Kobe Port Tower(Chuoku)
Hot water (same as above) Suma beach aquarium etc. of hot water (same as above) silver of vane chicken's pavilion (same as above) youth science pavilion (same as above) fruit flower park (Kitaku) money (Sumaku)

In the executive agency that managed Expo Memorial Park (Osaka Prefecture Suitashi), the prefecture allowed the abolition on the second and clarified the idea of inheriting this park as prefecture Itona park of "Japanese exposition commemoration mechanism" in which the country was coming up with the abolition policy until the coming year.
"Informal social gathering of what should be of the tela of the Expo commemoration mechanism" made from the country, the prefecture, and Suitashi and economic circles and the clarification lingua.

The use discussion of "Exposition land" site of the park internal amusement park that closes due to the coaster accident starts in full scale by prefecture Itona making. A prefecture cultural section assumes, "Grope for the management solution so as not to cause the burden of the prefecture".

This mechanism is jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance, the country is 53%, and the prefecture is capital contributions as for 47%. The country assumed obtaining the consent of the prefecture to be an abolition condition about this mechanism in consideration of the Osaka Prefecture people's being familiarized to the park though the Cabinet Council was decided to the policy of the abolition in 2007.

When the park might be sold by the piece if privatized, the prefecture worries. However, posture with "If the purchase of land and the fund was able to be done free of charge, it is thought to assume the management mode of the prefecture subject" was shown from the judgment that the use of land did not advance like the current state.

Neither has arrived at the somatization though the plan that attracts the new stadium construction project of J League and GAMBA OSAKA and Theme Park of the U.S. major movie company has surfaced over the use plan of the park internal land.

The source
About 11 years from 1.8 million person breakthrough.

Sapporoshi announced that the population of the city (As at one in May) had exceeded 1.9 million people for the first time on the 12th. Break-downs are 890,905 men, 1,010,751 women, and total is 1,901,656 people.

Municipal administration Kicacb : about 1.9 million person breakthrough. 「The population is one of the standards by which the vitality of the city is measured. The population growth is preferable in the meaning that the vitality of Sapporo increases. 」It spoke.  
The population growth rate of the city continues less than 0.5% from 2005, and tends to the slowdown. The transition of the population dimension exceeds 1.7 million people in March, 1992. Afterwards, 11 months of ten longer years were required up to 1.9 million people by three months of six years by the time 1.8 million people were exceeded. The population of Sapporo is the fourth that follows Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya in the government-designated major city.




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