Hachinohe of whole line practice lingua northeast Shinkansen - It was clarified that the user between the ShinAomori stations compared though the weekend including the practice first day was good, and it was almost the same as the Number of Passengers of the special express before the practice on the weekday by use state that East Japan Railway had announced on the seventh.

..future.. voice in Aomorishi crowded at the first day that is the anxiety , saying that "It is already former" has already leaked.

7500 people and six were 5500 people in the user in the same section the practice lingua Saturday, the fourth according to the announcement on about 8600 people and five the next day.
It stayed by the simulataneous period at the previous year in only 4% increase on the sixth in the weekday on the same day of the week while the fourth and the fifth were 46% increase, and 25% increase compared with the passenger using the special express respectively. 7200 of 26% increase on the average.

President Satoru Kiyono of this company that is the interview
「The diamond has still fallen into disorder by the figure of three days because of the wind at the first day, too. It is not possible to decide hastily. 」The assessment was avoided.

Users at seven household Towada Station were about 1100 people in the daily average of three days.

The first day was 30.7% to vehicle occupancy in the same section to capacity according to the Public Relations Department of this company, 26.8% and 3 Hime were 19.6% per two Hime, and 25.7% on the average.
The Public Relations Department「It is not appreciable because vehicle occupancy high or the low doesn't have compared objects at the present stage. However, the Number of Passengers has increased at least than the previous year. 」It makes it. 

However, the number of guests whom Mr. Mutsuo, Satomura taxi driver (58) who waited for a customer at the ShinAomori station took in daytime of the seventh is only two.
「Because the prosperity of the Hachinohe practice was heard from the companion, it is regrettable. Do it pick up if the event becomes a lot of spring and the summer that is?」
It spilt it. 

Man (63) who carries on the eating house in Shinmachi-dori Ave. in Aomorishi crowded with the parade also : the first day. 「Sales and traffic are completely former from the next day of the practice. It is felt strongly only for Shinkansen to come and not to improve. 」It solved and it talked by expression showing mixed feelings.

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Japan is good country!
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"Meeting for the automobile industry accumulation" (Ma Takuya Iwate Prefectural governor of Chairman of the Board of Trustees) made from industry, government and university of the inside and Tohoku 6 prefecture where automobile industry exists in the tough going is the 4th.   The general assembly was held in Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata in Yamagatashi, and the policy of promoting making of Tohoku a production base was decided by the approach etc. corresponding to the next-generation technology such as hybrid vehicles that had expanded demand.

The cooperation of the inter-firm of the unit and the modulation of parts that are the difficulties is hardened through the academic activity by an advancement manufacturer and a regional enterprise etc.

The Central car and the Toyota northeast engine plant of the Toyota system automotive assembly subsidiary come one after another to Fukushima Prefecture Denso, compress advancement into Miyagi Prefecture in the accumulation of automobile industry in Tohoku, and getting cold progression of the disease of the economic situation of the assertion lingua one and the auto market etc. are compressed into the investment.   There was an impression to which "Fair wind" before was becoming weak as starting constructing was postponed.

The infusion lingua hybrid vehicle becomes a light as Honda (Toyota) comes one after another on the other hand, and movement to seem to move up the operating season has come out from vehicle battery charger manufacturer Panasonic EV energy of the advancement schedule in Miyagi Prefecture. The one that new policy of coordinated meeting also received these movements.
Ma Chairman of the Board of Trustees stressed the possibility that the hybrid vehicle and the environmental correspondence car become pulling the marketplace and the related industry, called by the greeting of the general assembly, "It was necessary to harden the cooperation of six prefectures only at severe time", and governor Mieko Yoshimura also stressed the materiality of the automobile industry promotion with wide skirts of a mountain.

It opens in October, the theme is squeezed to the technology that the cost reduction and lightening, etc. are requested, and the trade business talk association that holds it in Toyota Motor in the aichi prefecture appeals in the action planning this year at current year.
Moreover, the unit made easy to combine parts that the individual firm handles and to deliver to the other party.
・It aims at concrete trial manufacture development etc. by receiving the situation to which the approach of the modulation is not advanced, and setting up the society by the advancement manufacturer and the enterprise.

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