On the Internet auction site, Wakayama Prefecture sells off the owned fisheries patrol boat.

The successful bid estimated price of the ship bought for 190 million yen 22 years ago is seven million yen, and the price of about 96 off %.

The ship is "Second generation. " according to prefecture Office of Resources Management. 16 capacity by 19.5 meters in the total length, 4.6 meters in width, and 28 tons.
The prefecture buys in 1988, and it has taken an active part to the arrest of the fishing boat that violates the operating area in the Kii water service in the prefecture offing until March this year.
To correspond also to the crackdown at nighttime besides meters of radar, fish finder, and global positioning system (GPS), etc. , the bed, the kitchen, and the television are provided, too.

It buys it, and in the prefecture, years decide the clearance by Tatsu, and to participate widely, exhibit in Internet auction.
The person in charge of this division is speaking with "The speed of 34 knots (about 61 kilo per hour) is sure to go out by the the greatest, and to take an active part to not only the crackdown but also leisure".

The participation application period until 2:00PM, August 6th. 700,000 yen is necessary as the bid bond.
The bidding time : until 1:00PM of the 19th - 1:00PM of the 26th.

The auction site is inquiry : to this division (TEL sees the source).

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