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It was announced that the Lawsone <2651> introduced "Self cash register" in which the shopper was able to do settlement of debt voluntarily without the clerk sequentially on the 28th on the 23rd. It is an aim to alleviate the congestion such as lunches. It is scheduled to set it up in 51 stores by the end of fiscal year 2010. The real introduction of the self cash register is the first time among the convenience store majors.


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The Tsumura life science company limited announced that the name of the company was changed from the Tsumura life science company limited to "Company limited Bascrin" on September 1, 2010 of the 22nd June (2010).

The Tsumura life science company limited is a formal decision lingua as for the assumption of "Bascrin" that has embodied a social mission over many years on June 22, 2010 when Bascrin that was bath oil was born and received 80 years a name of the company.
It is Iu ..slogan.. evolution of "Health evolves" of the business in the future when trying.

On the other hand, two channels are brought together and the person greatly astonished is coming out one after another in site "Person".
"Went out greatly. "
"That Nintendo changes to the company limited Mario. "  "White in the company limited bath oil. "  "Even if Bascrin of Bascrin is bought, do you say making it to the Bascrin bath that Bascrin of Bascrin took?"  "You should make the circle or food Peyang company limited. "  The opinion such as "Saying seriously is too interesting" goes up.

Amiba news
Http://news.nifty.com/cs/economy/economyalldetail/ameba-20100627-71541/1.htm Tsumura release http://www.tsumura-ls.co.jp/news/2010/0622_01.htm

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Best Denki of the consumer electronics large-scale sale major announced that they would dissolve dated the cherry blossoms Yao the 30th the 19th of 100% subsidiary. Bottom line worsens by competing intensification with the suburbs type shop etc. it is Iu in the subsidiary in 2006 if not supported though the governed best aimed at the reconstruction.
15 shops such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro are already closed the store and have been sold off.

Cherry blossoms open mainly the front of the terminal station in the metropolitan area by the establishment in 1946 and grow up.
Television CM stressed, "Cheapness explosion" was known. The settlement of accounts (unit) at the period on February, '10 was a top line 35.7 billion yen, and net loss 7.4 billion yen. Bic Camera etc. that enter capital participation in the best are inheriting the store and a part of number of men.

The best post the extraordinary loss of 8.9 billion yen according to the cherry blossoms Yano dissolution to the consolidated statement at the period on February, '10.

- Cherry blossoms Yano TVCM of reference/80's

- Cherry blossoms Yano TVCM of reference/2008 years

- Best Denki (8175)--Information http://www.bestdenki.ne.jp/library/image/company/20100619sakuraya.pdf concerning company limited cherry blossoms Yano dissolution that is subsidiary

- Source

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According to the advertisement of Ministry of Finance in Japan
I hear that it is a man that Japanese women requests from the marriage partner who is operating assets by the government bond.

Ministry of Finance was a start as the new product of Japanese government bonds for individual last week as for the offering of fixed rate type government bond "Fixation 3" at three maturities of year.
To free paper「Is the boy who can have the government bond ..woman.. Motel??」It took and a title lingua large-scale advertisement was published.
The woman of the blooming age of five people appears in the advertisement, and one person (27 years old) in that :.
「A serious person of the master in the future is good for money. The gambler is NG. 」It talks. 

The purpose of Ministry of Finance's putting out such an advertisement is for the debt of the country to become the highest in the past, and to appeal to the inside and the people for the supply of the government bond to try to exceed demand the government bond purchase. The Naoto Kan incoming Prime Minister showed the view that a thereupon financial reconstruction was not able to be done even if novel amount of government bonds issued was controlled to 44.3 trillion yen or less in the assumption interview on the eighth.

Former announcer Junko Kubo of NHK was appointed, and the advertisement was put on the posterior sinus seat of the taxi in the campaign aiming at the retiree who had started last August though this advertisement made "Boy" a target.
The actress and Mr. light snow who had co-starred with Tom Cruise had been appointed to movie "Last Samurai" in 2003 in the campaign ahead of that.

The senior interest rate strategist and Christian Careyo of Societe Generale described this campaign, "Feeling of desperation", and showed the perception with "Do not seem to become a strategy that attracted the individual investor".

- Desperation
Japanese government bonds for individual can be bought from 10,000 yen in a familiar financial institution and the post office according to the advertisement.
Ministry of Finance had appointed kabuki actor Koshiro Matsumoto and Mr. Hagem Fujiwara of the model in the campaign for the government bond of 02 years.

According to Ministry of Finance, the debt balance in the country of the end of fiscal year 2009 went up to the the greatest with 882,923,500,000,000 yen for the government bond, the borrowing, and the treasury bill together in the past.
This ministry became on the eighth and the bid-to-cover ratio became a low level since April, 2.25 times and 04 years in the bidding of the government bond with 30 implementation lingua annual interests.

The source

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Because the airline industry worked out the withdrawal from the loss making railway line one after another by dropping demand that originates the edge in financial instability, the route maintenance is severe with a local airport.
The influence of the route reorganization is greatly received as each airport in Kyushu is also similar, and the anxiety that the guest is deprived by Kyushu Shinkansen that will be opened next spring extends, too and the state of "Low visibility".

- Countermeasure"Stalemate. "
"Surplus are the supremacy propositions as our company this term. "May this year. The person in charge of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. said sub-section chief Shinji Noda of the Saga Prefecture airport and Transport and Communications Division that tried to make Saga-Osaka line abolition of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) changed his/her decision so many times.

It is a Noda sub-section chief , saying that "The severity of the business environment where the airline was opened was actually felt". Saga Prefecture abandoned the Osaka line maintenance.

Japan Airlines (JAL) announces the withdrawal on April 28 within current year from 45 routes of the inside and outside the country.
It is included in this by nine routes of Kyushu.
Moreover, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. that became the final deficit of two term serial by the Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2010 also is working out the withdrawal from the loss making railway line.

In day Wataru's route moderation, the effect is none though 16 Dao Prefecture governor in Aichi, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto, etc. demanded the route maintenance from day Wataru and the country by joint names before it announces , saying that "The influence given to the region is not greatly accepted at all".
「It is possible to do concretely. The stalemate. 」(Fukuoka Prefecture airport Maintenance Section)The mood of resignation drifts in the municipality, too.
Was started.

- Kansai and Tiyuushi that becomes it in the vicinity
In addition, it is an influence of Kyushu Shinkansen that will open whole line next spring to annoy a local airport in Kyushu.

The All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. affiliate asserts, "The influence is sure to go out" though the Tang Dynasty Tsnege president of JR Kyushu repeats , saying that "It is indispensable for the regional promotion that plural transportation competes".

Actually, day Wataru is and there is a route to which Shinkansen such as "Kagoshima-Okayama" and "Kagoshima-Takamatsu" seems to be affected in the withdrawal assertion lingua route.
The Kagoshima Prefecture transport policy section is "Mr. Wataru of the day judged, 'Kagoshima became near with the inside and Shikoku' from Shinkansen" and analysis.
Kagoshima Prefecture considered day Wataru's management situation, and did not join the request submission.

Kyushu Shinkansen does the direct driving from Kagoshima to Osaka. The Kumamoto prefecture with Kumamoto-Osaka mail
The study meeting that involves the Kumamoto branch and the sightseeing business of "The influence on the Osaka line is inscrutable, and do not go because it sees holding the finger in one's mouth as it is" (traffic countermeasure total room) and the airline is started in April. Discussion about Shinkansen countermeasure

- "Resistance" east Kyomasu mail ... The difficulty cut Maben of the Tokyo mail (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) with Saga Prefecture of four reciprocating a day that abandoned the rate of awareness Osaka line maintenance and the rudder of the movement. The boarding rate improvement is indispensable, and it aims at the improvement of availability in 20 kilo in the radius range from the Saga airport to appeal to All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd..

The southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture such as both cities in Okawa and Chikugo is included in 20 kilo range.
「I think that there are a lot of Fukuoka inhabitants of the prefectures who use the Fukuoka airport without knowing the facility of the Saga airport, too. I want to appeal, 'If it is a Tokyo mail, it is near and the Saga airport is more convenient'. 」Noda sub-section chief of Saga Prefecture airport and Transport and Communications Division.  solving
This division is trying to improve the cognizance degree of the Saga airport by questioning the Bath passenger who faces the Fukuoka airport.


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"A policy wrong of Bank of Japan afflicts the industrial world with people" -. Leader of economics field
) Governor of the Bank of Japan (60) is scolded in the letter of opening to the public, and it gets into the news in financial circles ..the former pupil U.S. large professor ..Koichi Hamada.. Yale (74).. ..Shirakawa Cata (...
After it is alerted, "The vitality of the Japanese economy is lost more and more by unemployment and new graduate's difficulty of finding employments", Mr. Hamada is advising the policy that Bank of Japan should take.

The letter of opening to the public is collaboration by Kazuyo Katsuma Mr. Hamada, Masazumi Wakatabe, professor of Waseda University Department of Political Sciences and Economics, and economic analyst. 『Learn to the professor of the legend. Book to understand true economics』(sale on the Orient economic Shinpo company publication and 24 this month)It is published at the beginning drinking.

Mr. Hamada taught economics to Mr. Shirakawa who was the seminar life in 1970 in the age of the assistant professor of Department of Economics at The University of Tokyo.
Mr. Hamada : to the coverage of Yukan Fuji. 「International finance might have been taught. Shirakawa was able to do preeminently especially ..that.. though the seminar life of the age was excellent. 」It turns around. 

Mr. Hamada grieves dyeing Mr. Shirakawa who was the pupil to "Bank of Japan flow theory".
It is possible and ..Mr. Hamada.. ..getting rid of by monetary easing the deflation.. insists though the idea "The deflation cannot be gotten rid of by the monetary policy" in Bank of Japan is persistent. The theory of such a Bank of Japan style is criticized when far apart from the theory of standard economics of the world.

It is correspondence that Mr. Hamada enumerates it as a concrete example of the failure of the policy of such Bank of Japan after the Riemann shock in September, 2008. Bank of Japan has hardly changed the monetary policy while every country in the world advanced the monetary easing.
As a result, the industry of the fiber etc. in not only the export industry such as cars but also the downfall of the price of imports invites the strong yen, becomes aggravated more the deflation, and when price competitive ability is lost, and it gave birth to unemployment and new graduate's difficulty of finding employments, criticizes made in Japan goods.

In the letter of opening to the public《Bank of Japan has the policy instrument to be able to confront these difficulties of monetary policy enough. As for Bank of Japan, I would like you to be conscious of the torment of Bank of Japan of the industrial world not trying to perceive it, and without giving people the medicine that can be used with people. 》It scolds. 

As a policy that Bank of Japan should take
(1)The treasury bill not only is purchased but also the debenture and the share, etc. are substantially purchased the long-term government bond and according to circumstances.
(2)Bank of Japan must take the policy of not setting off a domestic effect when Ministry of Finance does the intervention that buys dollar assets.
-It is assumed as correspond (1) realistic to enumerate it.

It is possible to look for a strong sense of crisis from the letter to the Japanese economy etc.Mr. Hamada reveals the reason around of that as follows.

「I also remember a hungry age of postwar days, and neither the unemployment nor the bankruptcy are persons. Having given birth to the generation is not a coincidence.  experienced the great depression by Paul Anthony Somuelson, Milton Friedman, and a large economist in ..Tobin et al... the world」

It sends it to the executive of ..Shirakawa governor.. Bank of Japan in Toyo Keizai Shimposha of the publisher on the 22nd of two sale Hikuma the new publication that publishes the letter of opening to the public.

Finally, Mr. Hamada talked so.

「, from the standpoint of people who suffer to the deflation and the depression because it is a governor ..not intelligent (so niece)(Shirakawa)..  It wishes the retrenchment monetary policy that is the cause (Bank of Japan) to be renewed.   」

- Koichi Hamada (and so Ichi)74 ..birth in January, 1936.. years old. Department of Economics graduation of Department of Law at The University of Tokyo. To the distinguished family and the professor of Yale Department of Economics in the United States through the professor of Department of Economics at The University of Tokyo.
Government and academic circles' such as heads of Cabinet Office economic society General Institute and the chairman, laws, and chairman of Economics Association of Japan Association of Economics and Econometrics (present Japanese Economic Association) important positions are held successively. There is worldwide bottom line in the field of the international finance theory.

- 60 ..birth in September, 1949.. ..Shirakawa Cata (.. years old ..and)... After it graduates from Department of Economics at The University of Tokyo,, the Director for Plans of Planning Section, the financial research center ..doing.. councilor of the insertion, the deliberation post, and the director (monetary policy charge) etc. are held successively to Bank of Japan in April, '72.
The vice president of Bank of Japan and the governor human affairs assume the position from the vice president of the governor in the Diet through the professor etc. of the Kyoto University public policy graduate school in April of Dou of straying in March, 2008.

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