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Tokushima Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture announced that the passenger car fare of the Namhae ferry that connected the Tokushima port and the Wakayama port was adjusted to 1000 yen in one way contingent on staying in either prefecture on the 12th. Schedule during half a year from summer vacation.
It is assumed that it wants to promote the use of the ferry that fights hard by the discount of holiday of the expressway toll, and to tie to an increase of the tourist.

Tokushima Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture plan as a social experiment.
Liang Province and the Namhae ferry bear 300 million yen of the charge for 100 million yen.
Tokushima Prefecture is scheduled to allot "Local revitalization and economic crisis countermeasure temporary grant" included in the additional budget in fiscal year 2009.

The passenger car fare of one adult crowd is 9300 yen in case of the ferry from Tokushimashi to Wakayamashi.
On the other hand, there were 6,000 yen or more Yasui case though it took Time Required a lot of about one hour in the discount introduction of holiday of automatic fare collection system (ETC) use car though the highspeed fee between both cities was almost the same as the ferry up to now, too.

According to the Namhae ferry, about 30 percent decrease of 4 of the passenger cars and the number of use in May compared with the weekend of the same time last year.
Management section head Takashi Nishio「The way things are going, there may be a operating crisis, too. I am average last year or want to do to a number of users any more. 」It expects it of the countermeasure solving.

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