in place along railway-tracks was clarified in the construction project of the linear Chuo Shinkansen Project between Tokyo and Nagoya and the executive summary of the fundamental structure of the station that had been shown in each prefecture etc. was the 11th clarified. Nagano Prefecture is a show lingua in the prefectural assembly public transportation countermeasure ad hoc committee on the same day.

According to this, linear is "A mass converter is necessary" and stresses it to the intermediate station so that starting than running the highspeed of about 500 kilo per hour may require a lot of electric powers. It was assumed that the installation of a large-scale cable was indispensability.
It is specified that the highspeed elevator is also necessary for building the station so that the underground is deep.

JR East Sea thinks that the cost of construction burden of the intermediate station comprising such facilities is requested from the local municipality.
There is an indication, "Several ten billion yen", too and the adjustment is paid to attention though the amount is undecided.

Besides this, the length of the yard assumes about one kilo in the executive summary. The width of the home where two was constructed was assumed to be 5-8 meters according to the definition of Tokaido Shinkansen. Four railway tracks were paved in premises because there was a passed train, too, and "Hall home structure" to intercept between the railway track and the home by the glass plate etc. was assumed from the angle that prevented the fall.

Moreover, the intermediate station is "A high existing facility of the railway and knot is necessary" and is stressed to JR Tokai.
Linear was specified for the highspeed, "It was desirable that the spacing as possible of the station and the station was as long".

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Furukawa Sky reorganizes the production of aluminium plates used for the car and the electronic part. Rolling equipment in one and the sunlight shop (Tochigi Prefecture) at the main factory etc. will be stopped by 2013, and production is moved to another shop. The cost is decreased for about three billion yen a year, and earning power is recovered.

The monthly production abilities of the sunlight shop are about 3000 tons of 10 percent or less of the entire this company. Operating ratio had fallen after seven Warimae. The equipment of the finishing such as the fractures of the board keeps operating in rolling equipment etc. after the lingua of the suspension. Employees in the shop are 280 people, the supernumerary has it reshuffle to another shop etc. , and the personnel reduction is not done.

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