Best Denki of the consumer electronics large-scale sale major announced that they would dissolve dated the cherry blossoms Yao the 30th the 19th of 100% subsidiary. Bottom line worsens by competing intensification with the suburbs type shop etc. it is Iu in the subsidiary in 2006 if not supported though the governed best aimed at the reconstruction.
15 shops such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro are already closed the store and have been sold off.

Cherry blossoms open mainly the front of the terminal station in the metropolitan area by the establishment in 1946 and grow up.
Television CM stressed, "Cheapness explosion" was known. The settlement of accounts (unit) at the period on February, '10 was a top line 35.7 billion yen, and net loss 7.4 billion yen. Bic Camera etc. that enter capital participation in the best are inheriting the store and a part of number of men.

The best post the extraordinary loss of 8.9 billion yen according to the cherry blossoms Yano dissolution to the consolidated statement at the period on February, '10.

- Cherry blossoms Yano TVCM of reference/80's

- Cherry blossoms Yano TVCM of reference/2008 years

- Best Denki (8175)--Information http://www.bestdenki.ne.jp/library/image/company/20100619sakuraya.pdf concerning company limited cherry blossoms Yano dissolution that is subsidiary

- Source

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
It has been understood that the Kyushu dairy product industry (Oitashi) requested the president dispatch to the prefecture that invests for the management reconstruction from coverage to the prefecture. Choosing a suitable person is advanced centering on executive OB, and the outlook of the prefecture elected in general meetings of stockholders on the 25th. After receiving the capital increase of 200 million yen from the prefecture dairy farming cooperative association of head of shareholders (same city), the Kyushu dairy product industry requests the adjustment to request the debt waiver from the financial institution to Resolution and Collection Corp. (RCC).

This company is Oitashi internal new factory construction such as prefectures etc. that operated in dropping the milk consumption, the sudden rise of the material price, and 2000 and the management situation is progression of the diseases. The total debt is an outlook where it mounts up to about 14.6 billion yen.

The prefecture dairy farming association decided the capital increase by the extraordinary general meeting on May 27. This company requests the capital contribution to the local company.
The president's dispatch was requested from the Hirase Catssada governor to clarify the management responsibility along with the support request in a day. Policy of receiving it in correspondent financial institution as director for human support.

"Gandhi farm" of the subsidiary management that is the tourist spot (Oita Prefecture Taketashi) is discussed in the direction that includes transfer of business and continues.

This company receives the capital contribution of 12.5%(196 million yen) from the prefecture, and is processing about 90% of the raw milk produced inside a prefecture.

- Kyushu dairy product industry http://www.kyusyu-nyugyo.co.jp/

- Birthplace Ghanzi farm http://www.guernsey-farm.net of Golden milk/

- Source
Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications understood and it was understood that it became transfer excess 2 years in a row, and the change took place in the attraction in the hemihedry and Fukuoka where the population inflow to Fukuoka Prefecture continued in Kyushu according to the migration report in 2008 based on the dissemination lingua basic resident register on the 24th.

In the number of moveds, that exceeds the prefectural boundary and moved to another region, Fukuoka is most and is 107,264 people in Kyushu. It continues with 37,228 Kagoshima people and 35,409 Kumamoto people. In six prefectures except Fukuoka, the top at the transfer destination is Fukuoka. Both are more than the transfers to Tokyo. In Saga, four of ten moveds are moving to Fukuoka, and the proportion that Fukuoka occupies goes up to 31.3%‐17.5% also in other prefectures.

However, Saga and Nagasaki are 1.1 points, Kumamoto decreases to the transfer proportion to Fukuoka by 0.2 points compared with the previous year, and Kagoshima is a level-off. It stays very much in 0.1 points and marginal rises by 0.6 points in Miyazaki also in the advance lingua prefecture. The transfer because of Fukuoka destination is 12.9%(Tokyo most, and the whole). Transfer overspeed increases by 1161 people compared with the previous year, and looks for the slowdown of the attraction.

Transfer excess by Kitakyushushi if government ordinance city in Fukuoka prefecture is seen. Overspeed seems to have influenced the movement of the setback Shite descending 1678 people and the entire prefecture since the previous year though Fukuokashi still keeps the moving in excess.

"The degradation of the branch of the enterprise might affect it though movement to aim at Fukuoka by finding employment and going on to school doesn't seem to continue, and to have decreased the centripetal force" and it specifies it to regional Distribution Economics Institute of Japan in Kumamotoshi though Fukuoka Prefecture Research and Statistics Division is speaking the finding, "There is no data according to the region and the generation, and do not exist though it analyzes".
「The overall practice of Kyushu Shinkansen is connected directly with the Kyushu internal business system review. The trend in the future, 」It makes it.  

- source: The Nishinihon News paper (2009/04/25) Http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/nnp/item/91514



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