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New-generation overseas Chinese's shop has opened a store in succession in the town of the overseas Chinese who was born with open a port Yokohama 150 years ago at last few years. To obtain "Japanese dream" in the Chinatown of the world's largest class to which closing the store that is inside and long-established (shop of old standing) to which the depression in addition to the food from China parting continues comes one after another, a stout alive the remainder competition is developed.

As for Yokohama Chinatown, the region with all sides of about 500 meters lines with about 250 eating houses.
After opening a port of Yokohama in 1859, it was made by overseas Chinese who came to Japan in the foreigner concession.
The tourist goes up to about 20 million people a year now.

Closing the store having begun to stand out in the town : for 3 or 4 years. 13 shops of about 20 percent close the store only in the Main Street in Maine. Sano and Rou Yoroji president (67) of the president of the Yokohama Chinatown development association cooperative association「16 shops closed in the entire Chinatown in this year. These kind of things doesn't have the example in the past. 」It leaks it.  

The reason for closing the store is a financial difficulty and a lack of an heir, etc. by the depression. It is Iu when there is old an overseas Chinese who abandons it from can the expectation of a high house-rent income to branch if it lends it, too.

However, it is features that a new shop opens soon even if the store is closed. It is at Iu that advances when the people of the new-generation overseas Chinese who came to Japan chiefly along with the reform openness policy of China after the 1980's open the shop outside the Chinatown and there are a lot of arrivistes.

In last spring, Tinsayoshi president (37) of the Fukumitsu garden group opened the shark's fin specialty store that became the fifth shop on the side of the head office the same as Kitamon.

Chin from Fujian Province came to Japan in 88, and continued plural part-time jobs while going to the language school. Joining a company and independence were dreamt for 92 years in the established business house in Yokohama and it worked for about 300 hours month. The Chinatown advancement of the wish was accomplished in 02 when the shop was set up for 95 years near the Chinatown.

In the greater part of Chinatowns, the shop closed at 9-10 PM does business the Fukumitsu garden until 2:00AM.
Chin「A new article is big Changsu for us. The new paradigm is cooked, and, besides, if the service that not is is not done, it is not possible to survive. 」It talks.  

New-generation overseas Chinese's Tinhatsic president (38) was start-up with the companion of vice president's Mr. (36) chapter of the Chin having from Fujian Province, and the first shop was opened in the Chinatown by "90 yen meat Man" in the summer of 04 years on the Sumerao morning of the reputation.

A yellow signboard sings "World champion's shop" by features. A previous branch shop and the guest did marketing, and what you requested repeated the trial manufacture. The answer is "It is small and cheap. "Vice president Chin「The taste is confident. I want to defend productive efficiency and stocking by the review and 90 yen. 」。A store opened in the Main Street of the wish at the end of last year, and it became 11 shops including five shops in the Chinatown.

On the other hand, a new anxiety has occurred to the new-generation overseas Chinese's advancement that comes one after another, too. It is Iu when there are a lot of new-generation overseas Chinese who do not participate in this either though "City planning accord" is made in the Chinatown, and there are a lot of events of activation, too. Ayamana president (56) of Ayamaayama「There is a shop that repeats the manners breach of a forcible tout and the Vila distribution, etc. in a new shop, too. Then, the town doesn't prosper as long as I avoid it. 」It takes and the nail is pierced.

However, the woods president :. 「It is sure to cooperate if there is room now though business might be not busily good to city planning at participation. New-generation overseas Chinese's hungry psyche is Yoi stimulation for old the overseas Chinese. 」It sees.  

- The Main Street is Yokohama Chinatown jammed with the tourist and the shopper on the weekday regardless of holiday. 



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