As for the bus transit, the current account deficit and the subway business of 1.6 billion yen became current account surpluses of 27.3 billion yen by the public management and the semi-publicly-held company settlement of accounts in fiscal year 2008 that Osakashi had announced on the ninth. In the deficit of Bath, the surplus of the subway is 6 years in a row when 26 years in a row.

The city suppresses to the capital contribution and 6% until ..5.3 billion yen.. bus transit from the subway business and is an aversion lingua as for the basis excess though the bus transit becomes 35%"Funding gap ratio" that normally shows the ratio of the funding gap forehead to earnings, and exceeds basis (20%) of the healthy making the municipality government finance law.

20.3 billion yen in total was carried over from the general account by the current account deficit which the community hospital business that the number of patients decreased because of the doctor deficiency etc. was near for 500 million yen, and the funding gap ratio was stopped in 8.8%.

On the other hand, the city Fushito wholesale market worsens because of large-scale maintenance the financing, and is a current account deficit of 1.3 billion yen. The funding gap forehead was exceeded, and 12.7 billion yen the funding gap ratio went up to 198.7%, and drastic exceeded the basis. After settling on the rehabilitation plan, and consulting the city council, the city fil it to Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

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Osaka foreign company attracting center (O―BIC) that made it from Osaka Prefecture and Osakashi and Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry announced that the attracting number of the foreign company and institution that had attracted it in the prefecture in fiscal year 2008 of the third was 28.
Establishment..high..fiscal year 2007..small..grim economic situation..inside..up to now..average..exceed.

The advancement of the enterprise that aims at the trade with the large-scale liquid crystal shop in the Osaka gulf has a smoke in fiscal year 2007.
When the delay of the budget laps because of the prefecture politics reform by first governor Toru Hashishita in fiscal year 2008 also affected the attracting activity, it is Iu.
On the other hand, when O―BIC started the promotion system of the expenditure cost at the business advance like the register of companies, the real estate rental, and the interpretation, etc. last August, the result was obtained as 11 companies used it.

The source
Osakashi understands and it has been understood that the prospect of starting constructing has not looked up yet as the rebuilding construction of "Abeno pedestrian bridge" of JR Tennoji previous Station that was the schedule of starting constructing repeats a bidding of three times the slump in fiscal year 2008. , saying that "Do not become business on the profit" because the introducing oneself trader doesn't show up though a novel design that decorates 〈 south door 〉of the city is generated publicity. When it enters a new tender procedure in July after discussing the estimated price review, the city is Iu. Does 〈 honesty of the fourth times 〉of the exception become it?――。

The pedestrian bridge is set up in 1965. JR Tennoji Station is connected with Kintetsu Department Store etc. , and about 50,000 day people use it. However, the weariness advances, also to the road widening according to a peripheral redevelopment business, and rebuilding has been decided. The city is an adoption lingua when advertising for the design and the design, and seeing in December, '07 as for the unique feature idea seen the shape of same "a" as the initial of Abeno.

The bidder is 0 in August, '08.  the public announcement lingua of the open bidding in the method joint venture (JV) ..the prior making the estimated price 1.38 billion yen (net of tax) public..October..enterprise..unit..participation..do..mixed mode..renew..width..viaduct..experience of construction..pons..today..angle..manufacturer..for..rebidding..implementation..lingua..again..respond..trader..provide.In addition, the contractor did not show up still though the qualification requirements of the experience of construction were abolished in the bidding of the third times in January this year.

The city is an implementation such as the pons manufacturers because it analyzes the cause of a bidding the slump as for the interview. As a result, large-scale construction is necessary the preliminary survey, and when the condition is severe, and the answer with "Do not come to an agreement at all with the estimated price when the overhead is included" commanded a majority as the limit at nighttime etc. , Iu because there is a lot of traffic of the car, and in the site, is an underground shopping center, too as for the method of the traffic control and the piling etc.

Being postponed after 11 fiscal years is inevitable though it aimed at the completion of ..city.. pedestrian bridge at ten fiscal years.  a bidding that happens one after another the slumpThe city is suggesting the review , saying that "Aruka doesn't know the part not suitable for the realities either" though the estimated price has been decided on the basis of the multiplication basis of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Present Abeno pedestrian bridge of image chart http://osaka.yomiuri.co.jp/photo/20090602-043986-1-L.jpg in rebuilt Abeno pedestrian bridge of http://osaka.yomiuri.co.jp/news/20090602-OYO1T00675.htm * image



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