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It became like 233 according to "Carrier's bankruptcy trend examination" that Teikoku Data Bank announced on June 18 as for transportation proprietor's number of bankruptcies in 2009(January - May), and 72 billion 234 million yen as for liabilities.

Carrier's number of bankruptcies in April, 2009 is 58, and most log since April, 2005 of the amendment lingua ..the object of the bankruptcy total.. during month. After December, 2008(52), 50 number of bankruptcies's having reached the stand : after an interval of four months. It was generated by 43 in May, and it became the this moon proportion increase of the previous year of serial by this for 27 months since March, 2007. 2008 year is 40.7 while 2005 year is 25.7 when the number of bankruptcies of the average is seen for one month, and 2006 year is 24.7, and it exists in the abundance pattern as 46.6 as for 2009 every year.

Liabilities change in the level-off. 310 million yen in 281.3 million yen and 2009 in 2008 while 2005 year is 329.5 million yen comparing one bankruptcy average indebtedness, and 2006 year is 367.6 million yen. A large-scale bankruptcy doesn't happen frequently, and the bankruptcy of a small and medium-sized dimension is a mainstream though number of bankruptcies is in the abundance pattern. It changes to the this moon proportion setback of the previous year in April of the same year though the this moon proportion previous year increase from September, 2008 to March, 2009 by serial for seven months.

It doesn't relate to the number of bankruptcies setback though the light oil wholesale price changed to the crash after peaking in August, 2008. The bankruptcy that assumes "The order is a drastic setback lingua from the depression of the cargo movement by the recession" to be a reason has increased from 2008 to 2009 though there were a lot of "Financing failure by the fuel cost sudden rise" from 2007 to 2008.

- Teikoku Data Bank"Carrier's bankruptcy trend"

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