that achieved automated system operation by the new transportation system for the first time domestically. It is because the renewal to a new vehicle to reinforce the capacity is completed, and it will disappear in 28 years after the start of business in 1981. Kobe new traffic discusses sales of the commemoration goods and holding the event in answer to the voices of the citizens who regret 8000 faction retirement.

Portlinear who connects Sangu with Port Island in the man made island keeps be a route drawer to the Kobe airport of February, increasing to a medical industry city the advancement enterprise in 2006, and the number of passengers increasing because of the foundation of a school of the university that comes one after another. The number of passengers in fiscal year 2008 exceeded 20 million people for the first time except fiscal year 1981 when the Kobe Port Island exposition had been held.

Therefore, the accelerated performance is good made of the stainless steel light, capacity also advances renewals to about 10 percent more newer 2000 faction vehicles in April, '08, and it increases the carrying capacity. The introduction charge is about 600 million yen an organization (six cars). The 17th organization is scheduled to be disposed in August this year.

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・8000 factions
・2000 factions

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Furukawa Sky reorganizes the production of aluminium plates used for the car and the electronic part. Rolling equipment in one and the sunlight shop (Tochigi Prefecture) at the main factory etc. will be stopped by 2013, and production is moved to another shop. The cost is decreased for about three billion yen a year, and earning power is recovered.

The monthly production abilities of the sunlight shop are about 3000 tons of 10 percent or less of the entire this company. Operating ratio had fallen after seven Warimae. The equipment of the finishing such as the fractures of the board keeps operating in rolling equipment etc. after the lingua of the suspension. Employees in the shop are 280 people, the supernumerary has it reshuffle to another shop etc. , and the personnel reduction is not done.

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