Overseas total of the base was dropped from the preceding fiscal year by not 41 small places but 185 places and about 20 percent, and fell below 200 places according to the in-situ survey of the activity of the foreign operation of the enterprise in the road of fiscal year 2008 that Japanese trade promotion mechanism (Japan External Trade Organization) Hokkaido trade information center brought together.
From preceding fiscal year to low 4 point 34% in manufacture ratio that occupies it to 63 places and the whole

Rapid economic environment progression of the disease since the last autumn is received, and the amount of orders received decreases suddenly to manufacture the road a lot internal.
When the example of closing overseas office administration to recover a domestic production, and going bankrupt the company has increased, it is Iu.
The advance of the cost such as employment cost and primary materials also affected it in the Chinese coast part to which the enterprise in a lot of roads was advancing.

On the other hand, the base establishment by the eating house and the real estate industry tends to increase corresponding to the service demand for the Japanese food boom and the overseas Japanese and Japanese Company.
For instance, the abb out (Sapporoshi and president Shinichi Kikuta) that developed ramen chain "Yamazu fire" opened a store in Sun US Diego (California state) last April.

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It was the 28th clarified that the group general merchandise specialty store and Sapporo Loft that accompanied though seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings of the retail major decided the policy of closing the Sapporo branch of Seibu Department Store of the subsidiary (Sapporo Seibu), and established it as an annex also closed the store at the same time.
Time of closing the store is expected to become this autumn.

The Sapporo branch of Seibu opened a store in the presence by the Daimaru Sapporo branch, and was deprived of the customers.
Another and Marui Imai, Mitsukoshi, and Tokyu Department Store were competing in the Sapporoshi core, and it was judged, "The business recovery was difficult even if it kept sustaining it as a department store", and decided the policy of closing the store.
Therefore, Sapporo Loft that is as a tenant at the Sapporo branch will also close the store at the same time.

Sapporo Loft opens in March, '97. Healthy general merchandise, the interior, and the utensil, etc. are treated, and it is popular around the young person. When the store decided to be closed because it manages it as Loft together with next Sab though bottom line is a comparatively buoyant condition, it is Iu.

Seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. includes ..business conditions conversion.. Kao and discusses the correspondence in the future.  whether to sell off two horn plants and buildings at the Sapporo branchIt is discussed to wait for a concrete strategy to harden, only for Loft to search for the place, and to resume business.

In the Sapporo branch of Seibu, long-established (shop of old standing) department store and Gobankan in local dealers that queue up with Marui Imai are antecedents.
"Gobankan red brick hall" was set up on the seventh floor of Loft, and Seibu left the name though the billhead of Gobankan disappeared in 97 years that opened newly as a Sapporo branch of Seibu.
The name of Gobankan seems to be going to disappear both nominally and virtually by closing the Sapporo branch.

- Sapporo Loft to which it is clarified to close the store

- Http://www.7andi.com ..../seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings code/3382

- Sapporo Loft http://www.loft.co.jp/shop/sapporo/index.htm

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The fifth time Great Bear Ichishin trunk line city planning citizens meeting (chapter of Nagano chairman) was held in the city synthesis cultural center on the 26th, and the citizens result of the questionnaire to which the key word that related to "Nature" occupied the epistatic was announced about the design image around new Hakodate Station (tentative name). The city is scheduled to decide the design concept idea based on these in September.

The citizens questionnaire did for the Great Bear citizens of random sampling lingua 18 years old or more and the student etc. at eight schools in the junior high school and the high school of the city in February, and obtained 588 answers.

The design image of the entire street around the station including the station is asked with the liberty narrative form, the key word is extracted from the answer, and it classifies it. Three epistatic was "Sense of relief" of "Nature" of "Green and richness" of 22% and 20% and 13%, and "City" was 8%.

Moreover, it reports on the result of the questionnaire to the surrounding of the new station concerning invitation of enterprise. It dispatched to 1,120 companies of the inside and outside of the road, the answer was obtained from 179 companies, and the enterprise that showed the intention of advancement around the new station was 19%. The enterprise that did stays in 48 members of a company nine companies that answer when land required for is acquired when advancing, and the city analyzes, "Many of commercial people look for hire and sales and can look for the low and the idea of withdrawing at once ..land and plants and buildings..".

The city brings the invitation of enterprise outline plan together by the end of current year, and starts attracting in full scale at 2010 fiscal years.

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