the perception that there was a possibility that the world economy experiences the depression similar to "Lost decade" of Japan in the 1990's on the 14th.

This professor said, "It is anxious though it took an optimistic view of ,for instance, the world economy in 2030 very much for about ten years from now" as "The entire world seems to be like to Japan during lost decade well" in the forum in Taipei.

The outlook that the world economy was faced to an unemployment rate high stopping in weak demand, the United States, and Europe of the private sector was shown though this professor decreased the possibility that the great depression in the 30's reappears.

It was specified that there was a common point with Japan before as problem of financial system, vulnerability of demand, and "Support it by the limited finance though it was profitable", etc. while professor Krugman was assumption, "Perhaps, the possibility that the great depression is repeated as it is seems to have decreased to about 5% now in my eyes several months ago though was about 20%".

In addition, a worldwide recession (recession) explains that the economic environment cannot be recovered by the difference foreign demand with Japan in addition to in a sense deeper an initial dropping as "It is worse than the lost decade of Japan".
It was said, "It is necessary to find another planet that became an opposite party to give the trade surplus with a drastic the entire world".

Similarly, the perception of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science winner's professor of Joseph U.S. Stiglitz Columbia University saying on the 13th, "It doesn't mean full restoration though the world economy might be descended slowdown Shite by the retrusion pace and hit bottom in the vicinity" as "End about the start rather than the last start now" in Beijing, too and prolonging the poor economy was shown.

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energy saving

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The government clarified the quota share of the price to the purchaser of the energy saving consumer electronics on the 11th and the policy assumed to be a system to choose the user merchandise by the mail order method was clarified about "Eco-point" system that reduced the point after the catalog of the merchandise that was able to be exchanged for the point had been made.

To show even in the Internet besides the booklet, the catalog is made. It doesn't limit to the energy saving consumer electronics, and it schedules it intended for wide merchandise though the contents of merchandise and the service that can be exchanged will be discussed in the future.

The government consigns the management of the system to the private organization, and provides the secretariat. system design will be sped up so that the exchange of the point and merchandise is started around this summer.

However, there is a possibility that the adjustment has a rough going over, too.  which merchandise to have targeted
The method of all the people's expecting the contents of the catalog whether to be going to deliver the catalog to home individually seems to become a discussion difficulty, too.

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The government decided 0.20 months that corresponded to about 10 percent while of 2.15 months of the supply schedule to be cut about federal officer's end of the period and diligent allowance (bonus) this summer in the salary ministerial conference on the eighth.
The National Personnel Authority was temporarily recommending the exception to match it to the bonus decrease of the private business due to rapid economic environment progression of the disease on.
It aims at early approval fil the feeding amendment bill to this Diet, and in time on June 1 that becomes the base date of the allowance calculation.

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