Groping and worry : to two route axle. "Demand"

"Cannihoncai sea and rail plan" to carry large size container to Russian inland by railway and ship.
To examine whether the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port was able to be used, the prefecture post the research expenditure to the this year's budget for the first time.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is February last year and the opportunity is a provided posture in the Tohoku region as the demonstration experiment is done in the Akita port (Akitashi).  ..rise.. do not miss it

- It investigates also in the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port.

Containers are collected from the metropolitan area and the Nakagyo circle for Mt. Tomisan Prefecture in the railway, it moves to the ship in the terminal in Mt. Tomisan Shinminato in the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port, and it transports it from Far Eastern Russia to the inland by Trans-Siberian Railway according to the prefecture harbors section. The car related industry also expects of this route that uses Trans-Siberian Railway, and the activation of the port can be hoped for if becoming the base of writing and growth international distribution for the shear of ..saying.. Ro.

The difficulty is how to connect the terminal with the railway in the prefecture.

It goes from JR Takaoka Station to Eki in the Himi line when an existing railway is used, and there is a route that uses the new Minato line of the jr freight that diverges from Eki to the Oyabe River right side shore. However, the new Minato line cuts on the north side of the Takaoka goods station in the vicinity of Takaokashi Yoshihisa 1 the railway track, places Shogawa to the terminal, and the distance of 3 kilometer degree remains.

There is a method of using another and Man'yousen. Man'yousen is connected directly with the place with the terminal unlike the new Minato line. However, when the goods train with weight is operated, strength of the bedsill that supports the rail and problems of the noise and the oscillating, etc. remain according to the Man'yousen company limited (Takaokashi) etc.The knot of the tight curve and JR is difficulties, and "Large-scale reinforcement is necessary though it is possible to run. "

Besides this, there is an idea that paves a new beltline railway from the Hokuriku line to the Mt. Tomisan Shinminato district, too.

The construction investment with a big any route is necessary. In the investigation, whether such "Cost" hangs how much becomes an important factor.

The experiment of the diplomatic relation ministry and there was Akita seaside railway Kitasen where the port ran up to 08 Toshiharu soon in nearby only for the freight for the Akita port that had been used, and it loaded a shipment and there was an advantage "For a moment ..scissors of the harbor road.. ..100 meters.." (Akita Prefecture harbors airport section) up to the substituted experiment ground.

As for the long distance transport with the railway, the (2) transportation cost with a little exhaust of the (1) carbon dioxide is more possible than the car such as trailers, and generally, there is no low (3) congestion and the regular time transport is more possible. ――There is Mellit.

However, a lot of automobile industry that is ships from the Nagoya port etc. on the Pacific Ocean side, and the unknown number whether to choose the Far Eastern route that uses not a route conventionally at the time of carry to a Russian inland via Suez Canal but Trans-Siberian Railway.

Also in Akita where plan Promotion Council Congress was established in union local economic circles and administration, the worry about the the greatest is whereabouts of demand. A concrete outlook for the collection of cargo of the freight specifies the Akita chamber of commerce and industry in which it serves as the secretariat opaque, "The economic situation changes, and it has the common view that the development of the field other than the car are necessary".

The amount of handling of the Akita port and the container remains even if there is demand for the Far Eastern route and the fight with the rival port such as Niigata ports near the metropolitan area remains the twice or more the Fushiki Mt. Tomisan port. The prefecture harbors section is "Should do the question whether the demand by way of Mt. Tomisan is first Aruka very. "The research expenditure is five million yen. It is thought that it summarizes it in the report within the year.

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