2-30 percent Yasui's opens a store by the pace of ten shops a year in the whole country while converting a super-so on to which sales languish from the price of usual super by features.
The user's saving intention is received, and rival other party's seven & Polygonum tinctorium Lour. Holdings also is moving to the enlargement of the discount shop.
It ..retail price drop.. ..giving impetus.. seems it the movement of two circulation major companies.

The first conversion lingua shop was opened from the dwelling house articles shop in Okayamashi in a day.
The area of the store is about 4000 square meters.
The price cutting is achieved by narrowing the number of merchandise, and suppressing employment cost.
Not only the processed food but also fresh goods such as the Cucumis sativus L. of seven yen each are sold cheap.

The source

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Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. announced that they entered the recycling business of the precious metal jewelry in full scale on the 18th. Tanaka judges precisely because of X rays, and buys the jewelry by the price basis of the uniform whole country though is specified opaque etc. of the purchase basis as for the precious metal recycling marketplace. It is an aim to use a scarce precious metal effectively by marking down "The second urban mine" that sleeps in chest of drawers, and using it for the exhaust catalyst of the cellular phone of parts and cars again.

Purchase is started on the "GINZA TANAKA" company store where the precious metal jewelry is sold, 29 stores of the special agent in the whole country in total, and 23. Money of the grade more than constancy or platinum, and it is a silver ring, a necklace, and a medal, etc. that become an object.
The jewel etc. of the attachment return to the client, and buy only the precious metal.
The staff first measures the quality of the jewelry by eyes and, in addition, the modality and the grade of an internal material are measured on the confirmation lingua because of the X-ray fluorescence.
The purchase price is decided referring to the marketplace purchase price such as bullion, and is a dissemination in the homepage every morning. It divides from the grade 37.5% or more to 100% into ten stages for money, and the price a g that contains the commission is decided.

When the judge method is various, and the collection basis etc. of the commission are also unclear, it is Iu according to Tanaka's estimate though there is a trader who is recycling the precious metal jewelry in 10,000 whole countries or more such as the ground metal quotients and pawn-shops.

Ikedashuu Director-General in the this company precious metal part is speaking, "It wants to use resources to be asleep by chest of drawers effectively, and to attempt the circulation of scarce precious metal resources".

Uniform standard http://www.business-i.jp/news/kinyu-page/news/200906190017a.nwc in the X rays of Tanaka precious metal jewelry recycling entry appraised price.

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