Chairman Keiyuki Kasai who had visited Washington for the sales promotion of Shinkansen clarified it by the lecture on the 29th. The running experiment is done according to "Rapid-transit railway international symposium" held faster than 320 kilo of TGV of France in Nagoyashi in the same month at the midnight after the commercial operation.

The N700 faction drives the Tokaido section now and 270 kilo or less and the mountain positive sections are driven by 300 kilo. 330 kilo is the first time though 320 kilo has been put out by the examination running in the mountain positive section.

The running test is Maihara - The plan to take the affiliate in Kyoto and to run. System..introduction..under discussion..country..Japan..advantage..understand..aim.

By the way, the velocities of the world of the rapid-transit railway where the business driving is done are 350 kilo of China (Beijing - Tianjin).


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Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will aim at the commercialization by using the energy of the solar heat in around the coming year including the experiment on the heating and cooling system for the office building where the emission of carbon dioxide was suppressed.

It is done in Biru of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. in Kawasakishi Nakaharaku, and the experiment collects the heat of the suns by using 48 panels set up in the rooftop, and uses the energy for the air conditioning.
A stable driving becomes possible by supplementing with the town gas on the day when the weather such as rain is bad.

It is assumed that the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced more than the air conditioning only of the town gas by 18% on the average, and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. will commercialize in around the coming year, and promote the sales to the school and the hospital besides the office building.

Manager Takeshi Yokoyama of the air conditioning technology group of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. is speaking, "The government and the municipality are requesting the reduction of carbon dioxide from the enterprise, and the demand for the air conditioning equipment using the energy of nature will rise in the future".

Electric Power-related Industry, and the development of merchandise that considers the environment as the development of the air conditioning equipment that reduces the emission of carbon dioxide is hardened by decreasing the consumption of the electric power is a focus, too.

Disclosure preliminary report of http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/k10013730181000.html http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/K10037301811_01.jpg * Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. stock price Http://www.tokyo-gas.co.jp/ http://company.nikkei.co.jp/index.aspx?scode=9531

Japan is good country!
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