Lately, the trade deficit that Japan is post to China has decreased suddenly.
The movement made a surplus by monthly has the possibility of making it widely in the latter half of 2010.
The local advancement enterprise in Japan that assumed China to be a production platform has increased the local selling to the backdrop with the economics development conventionally.
In the past experience rule, movement to procure intermediate goods etc. from Japan when the number of local advancement enterprises increased and to produce the locale was activated, and the effect that a surplus toward Japan increases was affirmed.
To double, and China-bound export of Japan will be instigating of the enlargement according to it in the dimension of Chinese economy when ten years will be viewed in the future.

Recently, the power of export for China from Japan becomes strong, and a trade balance that is the deficit up to now toward China has decreased the degree of deficit suddenly.
When it leaves data in confirmation Shite through Ministry of Finance "Trade statistics", a trade of Japan toward China :.
The degree of deficit changes with 2.2 trillion yen per 2007 calendar year, 1.88 trillion yen per 2008 calendar year, 1.2 trillion yen per 2009 calendar year, and 482 billion yen fiscal year 2009 (382.1 billion yen in May, year of ─2010 of June, 2009 of Naochika).
It can be understood that this trend is the same as raising exports after Remanshocc shape that Japan company responds to the increasing domestic demand of Asian major nations while an Asian economic environment recovers one's form in 2009.

To see ..this movement.. more minutely, the change in breakdown Shite and revenue and expenditure was examined about the China trade the by item.
Then, a big transportation equipment of the amount becomes 2009 beginning of the year in the item and it contributes in the direction of the surplus.
Moreover, movement that it was chased, it became the latter half of 2009 years as running, and non-electrical machinery is changed into the direction of the surplus was seen.
On the other hand, the Su power change that comes here as the revenue and expenditure repeats the deficit and the surplus is not seen as for Electric Machine that occupies big weight in another one visible trade.

It can be understood that the sudden decrease of the trade deficit after 2009 happens because a machinery investment increase that receives activation of the car consumption in China and vigorous domestic capital investment is reflected, and the increase of export of the transportation equipment and non-electrical machinery advanced when guessing from a series of movement of these by items.
Automobile industry..machinery industry..both..expand..Chinese market..aiming at..sales network..enlargement..make deficit..moderation..appear.

Japan is good country!
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A large amount of telops "Preparation for ground Degital" or "Antenna" came to be thrown into the television screen. The phone number of the coal center that Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications made also.

One year was under to a complete shift to the ground digital scheduled on July 24 next year, and the ground Degital major operation started. Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications puts power of providing the clinic in 1000 places in the whole country.

It is because of not advancing as the switch to ground Degital thought.
1100 that hits 20 percent or more of all households has not corresponded in total of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications yet.

The perception that a complete shift in July next year is Muri becomes strong among specialists.
The specialist related to broadcasting proposed the adjournment of 2-3 years.
However, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications has not relaxed posture in which the policy is carried out with determined.

- Digitalization why
The newspaper and the television also actively explain the merit of the ground Degital making.
The screen becomes clear. The two-way communication becomes possible. The hertzian wave trouble decreases.

NHK and a private TV station throw broadcasting the analog spectrum and the digital spectrum at the same time now.
If it completely digitalizes and broadcasting the analog spectrum is stopped, it is possible ..cost.. to erode that much.
Therefore, the thing that the TV station is ardent to the ground Degital making can be understood well.

However, Kane hangs to the ground Degital making as for the viewer even if the merit of the ground Degital making and derating of the TV station can be understood. Especially, the problem of the cost becomes a problem and the ground Degital making doesn't advance in the multiple dwelling house and the mountainous area such as apartment houses of the urban area.

With dissatisfaction for the ground Degital making, the majority of 1100 that have not corresponded yet are Iu. Should I digitalize it putting Kane though it satisfies with the current analog broadcasting why?

A fatal impairment is felt to be in the ground Degital major operation of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications by me when coming here.
What does it do the analog spectrum of the multitude that becomes unnecessary because of the ground Degital making?
Little the clarification exists.

The government has not hardened the concrete measure yet though the perception of using it for the television broadcasting for the cellular phone is powerful.
Anyway, completing digitalization, and telling it to do the analog spectrum in "Delivery" :. With this, it is not so different from land shark's doing mouth.

- A national life and new industry?
How is the analog spectrum used again?As a result, how does the people' lives change?
Does a new industry occur?Power to stimulate the economy?

People might consent more if such respect is clarified.
In short, dreamless passes in the current ground Degital major operation. Even in case of Muri, I think the newspaper for the responsibility that positively takes up this problem to exist in the TV station.

Japan is good country!
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The perception of China's pulling out Japan by gross domestic product (GDP) within the year and surfacing to the second place in the world has extended in China.
Up to Germany is pulled out in 2007 and when the reversal phenomenon occurs in the GDP dimension if Japan falls into negative growth while China attains the growth of about 8% this year, it is Iu according to economist's trial though China that was the third place in the world.

In the growth rate comparison at the period on the January-March of this year, Japan was a setback of 4.0% while China was 6.1% increase in corresponding ratio to the previous year.

It is a professor of Qinghai University and Riineshi of the chief of a this university World economic research center to show the perception with GDP2 place surfacing.

According to Chinese paper, Mr. Lee : besides the growth rate.
(1)Consumer price index (CPI) of China rises continuously and the deflationary trend leads to Japan.
(2)The quotation of yen to the yuan declines.
It is assumed that it becomes a factor that Japan is passed by the GDP.

The US dollar commutation GDP dimension of last year's China has approached 4 trillion 348 billion dollars (4 trillion 295 billion dollars (about 406 trillion yen) and Japan).
Mr. Lee is specifying, "If China pulls out Japan by the GDP dimension, become a symbolical event psychologically and politically".

However, there is a cool perception "Even if it surfaces to the second place in the world, there is still a big difference, and Japan is any change Hanai in Chinese's poverty in the GDP a person" on the net, too.



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