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Even if the Sus scrofa of a troublesome person who ruined the field was marketed as a specialty, the operation of the first Sus scrofa meat fabrication plant inside a prefecture that Nakagawamachi had established became full-scale. There is a finished ceremony on the 20th, too. The Sus scrofa known by game (game) dish aims at the leading part of the local redevelopment movement.

Facilities completed in Nakagawamachi Wami are the one-storied house construction about 90 square meters. The Sus scrofa ..dismantling.. ..vacuum pack.. is packed, and there is cryopreserved equipment. The assistance 14 million yen etc. of the country are received, and gross business expense is 38 million yen. It started at one April 10, and nine was processed by the end of April. About 60 is a target at current year.

The Sus scrofa that members of local Ryoyu Hunting Association captured by the trap hunting is accepted, and the town buys it for 400 yen a kilo.
If the weight of the catch is 40 kilograms, this member's net profit is 16,000 yen.

136 was captured by both of the trap that ran during the gun hunting termly and year in the town in 122 fiscal year 2007 and fiscal year 2008.
It was not possible to sell, and it ate a little by the companion home or it buried it if there was no license of the meat disposing business of the food sanitation law even if it captured it conventionally occasionally. The town agriculture and forestry promotion section expects, "Become working hard of hunters advanced by the advanced age if becoming it if the Sus scrofa only that exterminated it sells".

The farm products damage by the Sus scrofa is serious. In the town, the rice plant, Solanum tuberosum, and the Zea mays L., etc. were eaten messily, and there was damage of about 19 million yen in fiscal year 2007.

Sus scrofa's fertility is strong in eating everything. To build the processing facility in which it not only exterminated but also it persisted in the hygiene equipping, to sell the Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. meat of the high quality, and to make it to the specialty, the town started. There are similar facilities also in Chiba Prefecture Otakimachi and Gunma Prefecture Nakanojomachi in Kanto.

The safety of food considers enough, preserves as a specimen by the facilities side, puts out a part of meat for sales to the vendor, and the bacillus is checked.

Meat is sold dividing into the fillet, the back, the Boston butt, the Prunus persica Batsch, and the Rosa hybrida hort., etc. by each part. The price is 2600 yen in 3600 yen and Sne for each kilo etc. in the fillet.

It is Iu when there is pulling against each other from the restaurant of "Roadside station abuse" of local and the Nasumachi internal resort facilities to say nothing of the hot spring ryokan etc. of the town. The town sponsored in March, it called the restaurant and the hotel of the town, and the symposium of the Sus scrofa meat dish was held. The Bocyou miso was burnt, it came though the standard was a pan and a stew, various, original menus such as fries without coating were exhibited, and it was possible to look for the expectation for the Sus scrofa as the specialty.

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