Hyogo Prefecture and Kobeshi where an economically big blow had been received by a new influenza announced that it started half the price and the campaign to keep free on the eighth the admission fee and admission fees of the sightseeing facility for the fourth. The aim to which the sharp decline lingua tourist is called back.

The prefecture is an early business of "Leopard tourist site refreshment campaign (tentative name)" that develops at the July-September. The end of September, from the 8th, the admission fee and admission fees (The fee of the exhibition is excluded) are made half the price in 11 places of prefectural in the sightseeing facility.

Kobeshi「Let's go. Kobe」The campaign to make the admission fee free is developed with catchphrase.
It is scheduled that the admission fee of ten municipal facilities such as Suma beach aquarium and vane chicken's pavilions is made free on July 17th - August 16th. A free opening and the half the price of the admission fee, etc. on the weekend are executed in 53 facilities (the private organization in the city and public) as a pre-campaign on 8th - 30th in June.

The attendance is good in corresponding ratio to the previous year according to the alternating current of sightseeing in the city section when there are facilities of 80 percent decrease, too.
The person in charge「Changsu over various places. I want you to come to the great number of people. 」It takes and PR is done. (Junpei Komori and Hiromitsu Kawaguchi)

【 prefecture dealings ]Person and disaster prevention futuristic center (Kobeshi) prefectural museum (same as above) young geisha sea promenade(same as above)
The person, and Harima museum (Sandashi) Cangaefl museum (Harimacho) flower center (Kasaishi) Chuokoen, rosery (Kato City) Historical Museum (On the 16th Himejishi =) Maruyama River Ooyakenosono, and museum (Toyookashi) Hyogo ceramic art museum (Sasayamashi) Awaji dream stage greenhouse of nature. (Awaji City)

【 Kobeshi dealings ]Kobe fashion museum (Higashinadaku) Mt. Rokko ranch (Nadaku) prince zoo (same as above) Kobe Port Tower(Chuoku)
Hot water (same as above) Suma beach aquarium etc. of hot water (same as above) silver of vane chicken's pavilion (same as above) youth science pavilion (same as above) fruit flower park (Kitaku) money (Sumaku)




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