Governor Toru Hashimoto struck and raised "New concept" to connect the Osakashi core with the Kansai airport with the linear-motor car of about 500 kilo per hour on the 19th.

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It is Iu when being arrive at Kansai International Airport in eight minutes if it achieves it.

Umeda and the north yard according to the calculation of the prefecture - The assumption that starts by the non-stop by about 50 kilo of Kansai International Airport, and business expenses are Tomiru in rough figures for about one trillion yen. Governor Hashimoto said to reporters , saying that "Fantastic story" though refused, "Kansai International Airport became number 1's airport in Asia, and the urban structure of Osaka and Kansai changed at a dash if it would connect with the central area of Tokyo in eight minutes".

It is insisted that the location of Kansai International Airport change if governor Hashishita often does center in Osaka and the access of Kansai International Airport beforehand. It calls for the achievement of railway "Naniwa muscle line" for both ground to tie with the stand for 30 minutes, and the country will start the demand forecasting investigation of this line from next month. However, "Even the place in which it investigates is my role" and it makes remarks on this day. If the result that the profit cannot be taken by the investigation comes out, "Money need not be spent. "「The country used 15 trillion yen for anticyclic measures. Linear : as a national strategy in the interesting one in case of the Naniwa muscle line for 300 billion yen. 」Seeming no dream altogether either.

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