Lately, the trade deficit that Japan is post to China has decreased suddenly.

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Lately, the trade deficit that Japan is post to China has decreased suddenly.
The movement made a surplus by monthly has the possibility of making it widely in the latter half of 2010.
The local advancement enterprise in Japan that assumed China to be a production platform has increased the local selling to the backdrop with the economics development conventionally.
In the past experience rule, movement to procure intermediate goods etc. from Japan when the number of local advancement enterprises increased and to produce the locale was activated, and the effect that a surplus toward Japan increases was affirmed.
To double, and China-bound export of Japan will be instigating of the enlargement according to it in the dimension of Chinese economy when ten years will be viewed in the future.

Recently, the power of export for China from Japan becomes strong, and a trade balance that is the deficit up to now toward China has decreased the degree of deficit suddenly.
When it leaves data in confirmation Shite through Ministry of Finance "Trade statistics", a trade of Japan toward China :.
The degree of deficit changes with 2.2 trillion yen per 2007 calendar year, 1.88 trillion yen per 2008 calendar year, 1.2 trillion yen per 2009 calendar year, and 482 billion yen fiscal year 2009 (382.1 billion yen in May, year of ─2010 of June, 2009 of Naochika).
It can be understood that this trend is the same as raising exports after Remanshocc shape that Japan company responds to the increasing domestic demand of Asian major nations while an Asian economic environment recovers one's form in 2009.

To see ..this movement.. more minutely, the change in breakdown Shite and revenue and expenditure was examined about the China trade the by item.
Then, a big transportation equipment of the amount becomes 2009 beginning of the year in the item and it contributes in the direction of the surplus.
Moreover, movement that it was chased, it became the latter half of 2009 years as running, and non-electrical machinery is changed into the direction of the surplus was seen.
On the other hand, the Su power change that comes here as the revenue and expenditure repeats the deficit and the surplus is not seen as for Electric Machine that occupies big weight in another one visible trade.

It can be understood that the sudden decrease of the trade deficit after 2009 happens because a machinery investment increase that receives activation of the car consumption in China and vigorous domestic capital investment is reflected, and the increase of export of the transportation equipment and non-electrical machinery advanced when guessing from a series of movement of these by items.
Automobile industry..machinery industry..both..expand..Chinese market..aiming at..sales network..enlargement..make deficit..moderation..appear.

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