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Three economic group head such as chairmen of Japan Hiromasa Yonekura Japan Federation of Economic Organizations is Prime Minister Naoto Kan and the economy on the afternoon of the 25th.
・Opinions were exchanged over financial conditions. After it ended, chairman Yonekura was good, and clarified that the counter measure to a rapid strong yen had been requested , saying that "Asked for the exchange intervention (To discuss it) etc.".

Moreover, Mr. Yonekura showed knowledge with "The posture of Finance Minister Yoshihiko of Noda who did not deny the intervention is assessed though a grand, single intervention was difficult".

Mr. Yonekura said, "The Prime Minister is to have had to think including the intervention (Understand)" the request of three groups.

It is specified according to other people present, "The Prime Minister was a clarification 'It cooperated with Bank of Japan and appropriate correspondence was taken' though the story of the intervention came out from Mr. Yonekura".

Sakurai Masamitsu Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Japan Committee for Economic Development is a clarification lingua , saying that "A concrete story of the intervention did not come out".

- Corporate juridical person Japan Business Federation/ Nippon Keidanren

- Japan Committee for Economic Development

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Do the stretch in succession of the yen exchange rate in Tokyo foreign exchange market.
In Tokyo market, the advance lingua in 83 yen level that become since June 28th, 1995s.
17 sometimes changes by 1 dollar =83 yen and about 88-91 sen that becomes the strong yen against the dollar level of 27 sen compared with the simulataneous point the day before in the point.
Uncertainties in the outlook of the U.S. economy were considered again when 15 o'clock when the market participant in Europe began to enter was passed, the yen buying and the dollar selling volition became strong gradually, and 84 yen thought to be a turning point was exceeded.

The lingua of the advance ..83 yen and about 73 sen.. temporarily.  weaken when it is transmitted that the Shirakawa Cata governor of Bank of Japan is a statement in the interview , saying that "Authorities cannot control" as for the rate of exchange the caution to yen sales intervention by the government and Bank of Japan

The import enterprise etc. moved to yen sales and the dollar purchase, and there was a scene that changed to the narrow range down in the morning.
However, the lower \84 level had the observation that export company's yen buying and dollar selling kept from, and the lower price of yen was firm.
It entered the afternoon, and Bank of Japan decided keeping things as they are of the monetary policy.
There was a voice to expect an additional relaxation on part, too and it led from the disappointment feeling to the yen buying and the dollar selling.
The anticipation of a rise of an Australian interest rate retreated when Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA and central bank) decided leaving the key rate untouched, yen was bought for Aussie dollar, and the against dollar invited the yen buying.

The price range became about 54 sen in the vicinity as for the low price of yen at 9-17 o'clock at 84.27 yen.

Yen is repulsed in euro at five business days.
17 sometimes changes by 1 euro =107 yen and about 30-33 sen that becomes the strong yen and the euro ammonia liquor quasi of 1 yen and 24 sen in the point.
The yen buying and the euro sales were predominant in the background of the financial system uneasiness of Europe.

Euro is a against dollar and a reactionary fall in five business days.
The point sometimes changes to 17 by one euro = about 1.2789-92 dollars that become the weak euro and dollar healthy trend of 0.0109 dollars.
A part of bank received the report of having underestimating declared the possession balance of the government bond by the stress test (asset assessment) to the financial institution in Europe, the anxiety to a European financial institution reignited, and the euro sales and the dollar purchase went out.

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When a complete privatization policy of the postal administration decided under the Liberal-Democratic Party political power continued, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications brought the trial of falling into the business deficit of about 300 billion yen a year together in the postal service of Japanese postal administration.

The this ministry affairs of state three key officials meeting on the seventh and state affairs officer Norimasa Hasegawa (people new party) is a clarification lingua. The postcard is 15-17 yen because of the deficit making up, and after it completely privatizes it after 2017, the price hike of 19-22 yen is a necessity and Iu in the letter assumption as falling into the business deficit of 290 billion-330 billion yen a year from a present business black of 58.9 billion yen a year (period on March, '10) in the postal service.

However, the trial puts a prerequisite severe as any post office in (2) whole country 24,000 where the commission of about one trillion yen a year that biosis completely sever dealings with the post office with the (1) bank and both companies pay the post office vanishes is not decreased.

The dissemination of the trial has the aim of obtaining the understanding of the government party that cannot foresee the future in the twist Diet to the postal administration reform bill. However, the government doesn't show the prospective income and expenditure of the postal service when the idea of the Patent Law is approved though it is an opposition's demand.

Japanese postal administration


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The next generation car promotion center that delivered the eco-friendly car subsidy became and the balance of the subsidy ..100 billion yen.. became an interrupt about 99.2 billion yen according to announced "Laps situation of the eco-friendly car subsidy" at the time of, August 5.
The motion acceptance amount digested about 80 percent of about 583.7 billion yen of about 484.5 billion yen and the subsidy aggregate amount.

The capital sum in the situation of the motion each day of Naochika 5 business day is about 2.6 billion yen (The number of the motion acceptance: about 21,000) on August 5. July 30, 1.8 billion yen in each date, and two Situation in which about 2.1 billion yen a day has been digested when 1.8 billion yen, the third, two billion yen, the fourth, 2.3 billion yen, the fifth, 2.6 billion yen, and and 5 days are averaged.

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