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It became an outlook that the meeting of the reform of the administration of the government discusses finance from Nokyo and the plutonium separation of the insurance.
Working group of SC concerning the regulation and the institutional reform affirms it on the 21st by the opening meeting.
A lot of Nokyo is supplementing the deficit of agriculture with finance and the insurance though the drastic measure reform to make Nokyo where the privilege like the contracted out etc. of Antimonopoly Law exists concentrate on an agricultural business of the collection of cargo sales etc. of farm products and repulsion is inevitable. The hurdle to the cabinet decision is high.

The business of the insurance that is called finance and a mutual aid that is called confidence is a both pillar of earnings of Nokyo.
When Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries examined the general agricultural cooperative in whole country 770 at the end of fiscal year 2008, the ordinary income is a total 215.9 billion yen.
Finance was 201.3 billion yen, and the insurance gave birth to the surplus of 173.4 billion yen, and the deficit of the business like agriculture and the farming guidance, etc. was supplemented.

Nokyo has been perceived against the background of insufficient the service of the ordinary financial institution in the agricultural area before though it is forbidden to the bank and the insurance company to handle unrelated category of business to the profession directly from the angle that prevents depositor protection and the unfair trade.

However, the voice to doubt it was assumed that other financial institutions were able to be used in a lot of farm villages by a current argument in Working group to which the specialist commanded a majority, and used the profit that Nokyo had obtained by finance and the insurance for the filling up of a deficit of an originally irrelevant agricultural business () come one after another according to plural affiliates.
In fact, there is a speculation that presses the competition by an agricultural business to Nokyo of the regional monopoly, too.

Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives is a standpoint with "Businesses such as sales and the confidence (finance) of farm products are organically related and the overall service is performed efficiently" against this.

The administration reform meeting discusses the agenda that Working group decided in the regulation and institutional reform SC before the new year, and is a decision as for the policy of this meeting. The conference with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ties to the internal cabinet decision of the basing fiscal year.
"Regeneration promotion headquarters of food and agricultural forestry industries and fisheries" that Prime Minister Naoto Kan started up starting with the participation discussion to Pacific rim partnership (TPP) starts taking it up in the discussion agenda over the Nokyo reform, and the resistance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and there is a deletion lingua details.

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Kitakyushushi..shop..group..scenery..look at..enjoy..shop..have..)..food..tour..new year..January..commercialize.
An ardent appeal for the city in which it aims at the sightseeing promotion is received, and the Northern Kyushu branch in JTB Kyushu plans as a Bath tour.
This branch is speaking, "The alternating current population is increased, and become a raw material that activates the region".

It is discussed to recruit about 40 people once, and to turn in about three hours according to this branch.
One time during the week or and the fee are entertainments about 3,000-5,000 ..doing.. yen times. The guide is promoted in employment Shite.
When "However, only see" ..the story of which ..what history of the shop and industry are likely to prosper uselessly.. necessary.. and the project are developed, it is Iu.

There is a shop group in eminent Kyushu along Doucaiwan etc. in the Northern Kyushu district counted in one of four carpenter industry zones before.
A recent "Shop bud" boom is received, and the city thinks that it wants to do this to a new eyeball to go sightseeing, and sponsors the night view appreciation monitor Bath tour on 26th and 27th in November. It tries to receive such movement and to achieve the commercialization by JTB.

52 people in total are participation in the monitor tour. It climbed Crayama (622 meters) that was able to extend in Ohashi Wakado, to look at the Nippon Steel Corporation Yahata ironworks around Doucaiwan and the scenery of the Mitsubishi Chemical Krosaki business establishment, and to view the city.
It enjoyed illuminating in the dark, and it shone on, and it enjoyed the face of the shop that operated while raising steam at night with.

The opinion and the impression "It is more beautiful than it imagined it from the place where it cannot always go. " , "The charm that Northern Kyushu is new is seen", "It wants you to lengthen the sojourn time", and "I want to see the spectacle of daytime. " and "Please when meal is added" ..from the attendee.. are Iu according to sightseeing in the city and the convention section when drawn.

The 92% was a day trip guest though visited Kitakyushushi by about 11.8 million tourists 2009 year.
The city is expecting it , saying that "The shop bud tour becomes one material to make it think stay at Northern Kyushu".

The tour that turns round petrochemical complex of the port with Bath and the cruise ship is popular, and "The reservation was waiting for the cancellation" (Yokkaichi Tourist Association) and it is Iu in Mie Prefecture Yokkaichishi. The night view tour by Bath and the houseboat is popular also in Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasakishi.

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Tour that Kitakyushushi sponsored. Attendees get drunk and are Kitakyushushi Wakamatsuku http://mytown.asahi.com/fukuoka/k_img_render.php? in the night view of the shop that floats on Doucaiwan on the be known = November 26. k_id=41000001012130004&o_id=8448&type=kiji.jpg

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Prefecture..Bussan..public corporation..Kanagi..president..whole country..develop..eagle..pass..shop..partially..store..handle..cooking tool.SHIRI-SHIRI machine.sales..number..previous year..proportion..drastic..expand..show.
Good Sao maintenance from October, '09 when it began to increase sales as 270 pieces are sold in December.
The person in charge of this public corporation thinks, "No transitory one, and it might have been established".

It is introduced to use Okinawa and "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" according to the prefecture Bussan public corporation when the dish such as the Panax ginseng hips hips is made by the telecast of the coast-to-coast broadcast, and the calositas and the so on are received, and when it began to increase sales, it is Iu in the shop.  pass eagle about the public corporation operating directly that handles this merchandise

It is chiefly actually manufactured in Niigata Prefecture in the prefecture though general "SHIRI-SHIRI machine", and clear "Prefecture product" is not affirmed as for the investigation of this public corporation either. To make the user outside the prefecture established of how to eat a blue Carica papaya etc. , it exceptionally sold it.

"Okinawa fan" that received intelligence comes to buy, and the number of sales in October, '09 is spurt in 58 pieces till then though about 10 numbers per two merchandise of sales in month. Four 400 months or more from January, '10 that had been increased to four merchandise kept selling according to an increase of the inquiry.

Sales is reflected and "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" and the announced merchandise exist formally though the long title of "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" is "Heteropteron's (bee) nest" and "Radish Ts coming", too.
General manager Norio of Tokeshi in this public corporation sales department sales promotion room「It keeps still selling though it was thought that the boom left in about three months. I wonder whether the prefecture product is merchandise that tells the gastronomic culture in Okinawa though cannot say. 」It spoke. 

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"SHIRI-SHIRI machine"  Http://ryukyushimpo.jp/uploads/img4d13f7b69e0d7.jpg that keeps selling by "..eagle.. ..passing.. shop" though no prefecture product of http://ryukyushimpo.jp/news/storyid-171550-storytopic-4.html

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" MARUMITSU" (Suwashi)= photograph = announced closing the store on the 22nd and February 20 next year to the only department store by the Suwa trading area.
President Kei Ota assumed, "The economic recovery was not able to expect the Riemann shock to influence it in greatly, and the future, and closing the store was determined" due to swelling of ordinary losses by the number of visitors and the sales decrease. It told it to the employee and the tenant on the same day.
Neither plants and buildings nor utilization of an existing site for a purpose other than its original one, etc. are decided.

President Ota et al. have an interview, and the clarification lingua of details etc.Bottom line is progression of the disease after a peak of the top line about 8.9 billion yen in fiscal year 1991.
The procedure of the corporation reorganization law is taken in 2004 when the regeneration plan took a wolf by the ears because of the Riemann shock of 08 years, it is Iu to the business reconstruction though try, and recovered temporarily by the number etc. of visitors.

President Ota「The number of guests decreased remarkably since March, '09. It did not arrive at the surplus though it aimed at a compact department store like the moderation etc. of the business dimension, and it tried to reduce in the current account deficit. 」It spoke. 
" MARUMITSU" opens a store in 65. The floor space is 11,560 square meters every the first floor in the underground and the fifth floor on the ground.
An original color such as "Spa in the only department store in the whole country" was typed out.

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Governor Heita Kawakatsu showed the idea to assume targets of the number of users of Shizuoka airports to be 700,000 people per 13 fiscal year in a regular conference on the 13th.
It is scheduled to include it in a new integrated planning of the prefecture, and governor Kawakatsu is a withdrawal lingua in March as for the target with assertion lingua "One million people by 13 fiscal years".
When it is "Actually suited" figure, the clarification lingua means governor Kawakatsu, and the airport did not take off loss making operations, and means the situation that kept pressing the prefecture government finance in "700,000 people".

The user at the first year of opening a port had remained in about 635,000 people though the prefecture had brought the demand forecasting that there were 1.38 million users a year in the Shizuoka airport in fiscal year 2003 before a port opened together.

Governor Kawakatsu is a clarification based on such a situation , saying that "An actual going into service number of service was a little though the demand forecasting had been shown as a figure with a moderate rationale".
In addition, it was described from the situation of the future of the suspension of the FDA Komatsu mail etc. since next March, "It is necessary to set up the prediction of which everyone was able to consent of suiting actually".

About a new target with "700,000 people per 13 fiscal year"
Knowledge that "There was coming and going of the person who made ..airport surrounding.. distribution a base" ....expansion furnace.. certain.., Narrator, and achievement were possible was shown.

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Hachinohe of whole line practice lingua northeast Shinkansen - It was clarified that the user between the ShinAomori stations compared though the weekend including the practice first day was good, and it was almost the same as the Number of Passengers of the special express before the practice on the weekday by use state that East Japan Railway had announced on the seventh.

..future.. voice in Aomorishi crowded at the first day that is the anxiety , saying that "It is already former" has already leaked.

7500 people and six were 5500 people in the user in the same section the practice lingua Saturday, the fourth according to the announcement on about 8600 people and five the next day.
It stayed by the simulataneous period at the previous year in only 4% increase on the sixth in the weekday on the same day of the week while the fourth and the fifth were 46% increase, and 25% increase compared with the passenger using the special express respectively. 7200 of 26% increase on the average.

President Satoru Kiyono of this company that is the interview
「The diamond has still fallen into disorder by the figure of three days because of the wind at the first day, too. It is not possible to decide hastily. 」The assessment was avoided.

Users at seven household Towada Station were about 1100 people in the daily average of three days.

The first day was 30.7% to vehicle occupancy in the same section to capacity according to the Public Relations Department of this company, 26.8% and 3 Hime were 19.6% per two Hime, and 25.7% on the average.
The Public Relations Department「It is not appreciable because vehicle occupancy high or the low doesn't have compared objects at the present stage. However, the Number of Passengers has increased at least than the previous year. 」It makes it. 

However, the number of guests whom Mr. Mutsuo, Satomura taxi driver (58) who waited for a customer at the ShinAomori station took in daytime of the seventh is only two.
「Because the prosperity of the Hachinohe practice was heard from the companion, it is regrettable. Do it pick up if the event becomes a lot of spring and the summer that is?」
It spilt it. 

Man (63) who carries on the eating house in Shinmachi-dori Ave. in Aomorishi crowded with the parade also : the first day. 「Sales and traffic are completely former from the next day of the practice. It is felt strongly only for Shinkansen to come and not to improve. 」It solved and it talked by expression showing mixed feelings.

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