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Prefecture..Bussan..public corporation..Kanagi..president..whole tool.SHIRI-SHIRI machine.sales..number..previous
Good Sao maintenance from October, '09 when it began to increase sales as 270 pieces are sold in December.
The person in charge of this public corporation thinks, "No transitory one, and it might have been established".

It is introduced to use Okinawa and "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" according to the prefecture Bussan public corporation when the dish such as the Panax ginseng hips hips is made by the telecast of the coast-to-coast broadcast, and the calositas and the so on are received, and when it began to increase sales, it is Iu in the shop.  pass eagle about the public corporation operating directly that handles this merchandise

It is chiefly actually manufactured in Niigata Prefecture in the prefecture though general "SHIRI-SHIRI machine", and clear "Prefecture product" is not affirmed as for the investigation of this public corporation either. To make the user outside the prefecture established of how to eat a blue Carica papaya etc. , it exceptionally sold it.

"Okinawa fan" that received intelligence comes to buy, and the number of sales in October, '09 is spurt in 58 pieces till then though about 10 numbers per two merchandise of sales in month. Four 400 months or more from January, '10 that had been increased to four merchandise kept selling according to an increase of the inquiry.

Sales is reflected and "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" and the announced merchandise exist formally though the long title of "SHIRI-SHIRI machine" is "Heteropteron's (bee) nest" and "Radish Ts coming", too.
General manager Norio of Tokeshi in this public corporation sales department sales promotion room「It keeps still selling though it was thought that the boom left in about three months. I wonder whether the prefecture product is merchandise that tells the gastronomic culture in Okinawa though cannot say. 」It spoke. 

The source
"SHIRI-SHIRI machine"  Http:// that keeps selling by "..eagle.. ..passing.. shop" though no prefecture product of

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