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President Toshio Nishizawa of Tokyo Electric Power clarified the price hike of the electricity rate for the home and after the planning in March, the idea that wanted to be requested was clarified.

President Toshio ..Tokyo Electric Power.. Nishizawa:
"It is a natural flow to base it settling on the synthesis and special a business plan. "

Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that they raised the price of the electricity rate a big agreement ahead as the enterprise etc. by 17% on the average in April.
However, the amelioration of the deficit diathesis was assumed it was difficult, and mentioned to the price hike of the electricity rate for the home.
The country is expected to be included to the business plan settled on in March injection of public money to Tokyo Electric Power Company.
If a domestic increase in electric power rates is perceived in this, people will get to Tokyo Electric Power Company forcing a double burden.

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