It became an outlook that the meeting of the reform of the administration of the government discusses finance from Nokyo and the plutonium separation of the insurance.

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It became an outlook that the meeting of the reform of the administration of the government discusses finance from Nokyo and the plutonium separation of the insurance.
Working group of SC concerning the regulation and the institutional reform affirms it on the 21st by the opening meeting.
A lot of Nokyo is supplementing the deficit of agriculture with finance and the insurance though the drastic measure reform to make Nokyo where the privilege like the contracted out etc. of Antimonopoly Law exists concentrate on an agricultural business of the collection of cargo sales etc. of farm products and repulsion is inevitable. The hurdle to the cabinet decision is high.

The business of the insurance that is called finance and a mutual aid that is called confidence is a both pillar of earnings of Nokyo.
When Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries examined the general agricultural cooperative in whole country 770 at the end of fiscal year 2008, the ordinary income is a total 215.9 billion yen.
Finance was 201.3 billion yen, and the insurance gave birth to the surplus of 173.4 billion yen, and the deficit of the business like agriculture and the farming guidance, etc. was supplemented.

Nokyo has been perceived against the background of insufficient the service of the ordinary financial institution in the agricultural area before though it is forbidden to the bank and the insurance company to handle unrelated category of business to the profession directly from the angle that prevents depositor protection and the unfair trade.

However, the voice to doubt it was assumed that other financial institutions were able to be used in a lot of farm villages by a current argument in Working group to which the specialist commanded a majority, and used the profit that Nokyo had obtained by finance and the insurance for the filling up of a deficit of an originally irrelevant agricultural business () come one after another according to plural affiliates.
In fact, there is a speculation that presses the competition by an agricultural business to Nokyo of the regional monopoly, too.

Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives is a standpoint with "Businesses such as sales and the confidence (finance) of farm products are organically related and the overall service is performed efficiently" against this.

The administration reform meeting discusses the agenda that Working group decided in the regulation and institutional reform SC before the new year, and is a decision as for the policy of this meeting. The conference with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ties to the internal cabinet decision of the basing fiscal year.
"Regeneration promotion headquarters of food and agricultural forestry industries and fisheries" that Prime Minister Naoto Kan started up starting with the participation discussion to Pacific rim partnership (TPP) starts taking it up in the discussion agenda over the Nokyo reform, and the resistance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and there is a deletion lingua details.

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